Monday, August 18, 2008

Not much in terms of progress

Of course the rain continues. I shouldn't complain because we need the rain, but it's making things difficult for me. I will have perhaps Sunday afternoon to get my room ready. I finally got Windows to work on my Macbook so today I installed the software that I needed. This morning the freshmen students came to the school and went through several sessions learning about school policies and such. I was supposed to go with a group of them, but not enough showed up so my group didn't make. I went around and took pictures instead. I went up to my room to get a yearbook for a former student and while I was up there they tech crew came to see if they could set up my computers. I had to laugh... but told them to give me a little time and I would get the tables cleared. I did that and then did some more waiting around. They served hamburgers to the staff and students at lunch time so I ate and then went back to my room to work. I did the software installations and did some planning for the first week of school. I talked with my principal and reported a missing data projector that seemed to disappear from the storage room over the summer. I asked him if he had the funds to buy one that I could use in my room since I will be using the computers actively this year. I'm going to try to avoid a lot of printing this year and have the students work from files on the computer.
I'm trying to register for my grad school classes this evening, but it's not going well. First I couldn't access the pages I needed... probably due to traffic. I finally got on the page I needed and figured out how to add my classes. I then tried to finish and discovered a "hold" on my registration. Turns out that I have to read a statement that states that I understand that I have to pay for my classes when I register and on time... blah, blah, blah. I hit o.k. and try again and now I can't get one class because I need department approval. So I tried emailing to get the approval and then got the email returned as unable to send. So I sent it again to an actual person and I guess we'll see if I can get the approval and finalize my registration.
I haven't been able to talk to Marty tonight. He was supposed to be at the station riding out the hurricane so he doesn't have access to instant messenger. I'm relieved that Fay remained a tropical storm as it hit Key West instead of a hurricane. Hopefully I'll hear from him by tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be an oh so exciting day learning about bullying. I won't be able to get much done, but hopefully I can do some planning while the lecturing is going on. I hope I get better sleep tonight. Storms have come through the past few nights waking me up briefly.

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