Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just for Fun

Thanks to Terri for pointing this site out. I was in the middle of cleaning (sort of) and I stopped to catch up on the many blogs I hadn't read all day because like... you know... I have to actually work now. So I sit and play with it for an hour instead of cleaning and the Dell guy is coming tomorrow to fix my laptop and my office is a mess... but oh well, it was fun. It was actually kind of scary because in some of the poses I realize how much I really do look my mom. (When I get my Dell working again, I'll try to post a side-by-side with her.) So check it out for yourself, post your favorite picture and comment here so we can all laugh see. Here are my poses from 1952, 1960, 1968, 1974, 1988, 1990, and 1996 respectively.


Terri said...

hehehe, I had so much fun doing mine, if you didn't see them, come back today because they are up. I had some problems with the website at first. I like your last one, it looks the most realistic and check out how young you look too!!

Leann said...

Love the new hairstyle..LOLOL