Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hot damn!

Texted Matthew last night after finding out that our high school football team won this week 42-0.  At one point he asked me if I wanted to go to a concert next Friday.  I told him that I would love to.  I asked which concert and he said “The Eagles.”  I was shocked!  That show has been sold out for weeks but they rescheduled due to an illness and he said that he was finally able to get tickets.  I’m very stoked about going.  I haven’t been to a concert since Garth Brooks was still on tour in the early 2000’s. 

Today I’ve been doing research for my paper that I have to write by Wednesday.  I had high hopes of finishing it this weekend, but not moving very fast.  I printed a ton of articles today and finally narrowed my topic (I think), but haven’t read the articles.  My friend Mary called me early and invited me to a costume party tonight.  After weighing the option of writing a paper or going to a party, I decided to go to the party.  It will be a test of my socialization skills which are usually not very good.  But it also sounded like fun so I decided to just go.  I’m just going to use my magic 8-ball costume since it is already made. 

Josh is home for the weekend, but it is a very quick trip.  He got in around 9:00 last night and then had friends come over.  They were up until around 4:00 a.m. I think.  He slept in and I went to donut stop this morning to get him donuts – his favorite food.  I took him to Walmart and got him some socks, underwear, and a jacket and a few snack items.  He is now out on a date with his girlfriend (who is a senior in high school) and will be going to the school musical tonight.  He has to leave really early in the morning though.  He has to get back to Nacogdoches by 3:00 tomorrow for work. 

Well, I’m going to start reading a few articles before I have to get ready for tonight. 


Diana said...

The Eagles is an awesome show and you will love them. One of the bands that sound so good live you wonder if they are really playing. lol

All I have to say about Matthew is ....he better follow through with this concert date or I am coming looking for him! Have fun!

Leann said...

Hope you had an awesome time.