Monday, October 04, 2010

One day down

I’m not sure how many more to go, they all seem to blend together these days.  I did participate in crazy hair day today. One of only about 3 or 4 teachers that did.  I sprayed it with lots of hair spray and pink coloring.  It kind of just stuck up everywhere.  I just took a shower to get rid of all the gunk – it was rather disgusting.  I had to wash it twice.  Tomorrow is Freaky Friday day where students dress like teachers and teachers dress like students.  I’ll be wearing my baggy jeans with boxers sticking out, extra large t-shirt, Nike’s, and a hooded sweatshirt.  I can’t forget the sunglasses and earbuds of course. 

I had a huge headache today that lasted from lunch time until after school.  I wasn’t sure if was the fumes from the hairspray or wearing contacts or something else, but I left shortly after school was out though I’d normally stay a while.  I came home and took two tylenol and took the contacts out.  The headache subsided within an hour or so.  I made some chicken and rice-a-roni for dinner.  I didn’t bring any work home because I knew that I wouldn’t do any of it.  I did do some grad school homework, but that’s it. 

I’m washing a few things for tomorrow, and soon as I get them in the dryer, I’m heading to bed.  It’s really early, but I just want to go to bed. 

Nothing else going on here.  Just tired and need some sleep.

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Leann said...

I hope you rested well and are ready for your day when you awaken tomorrow/today :-)

It sounds like a blast dressing as a student. What a cumfy day. Would love to dress like that for work.

Again...enjoy :-)