Sunday, October 03, 2010

Most of the time I’m amazing

Just so you know – my moments of down in my posts are only temporary.  Generally, I think I’m a good catch.  I am aware of my faults, but I also know my strengths.  I think I already am the kind of person that I’m looking for.  I’m intelligent, thoughtful, honest (but not to a fault), creative, romantic, with varied interests.  I can be a little shy, but not so much that it prevents me from making conversation or pursuing someone.  I tend to be more reflective than outgoing.  And that is the kind of person that I would like.  I don’t want someone with a very gregarious personality.  But it seems that unless I’m an athletically toned woman that loves to watch sports and go hunting, that I’m not much of a match.  At least that is the way it seems on eharmony.  I thought that their “matching system” was supposed to take personality and interests into account.  I keep getting what they call “flexible matches” because I guess I’m too damn particular wanting someone within a 120 mile radius that isn’t psycho.  I get matches far beyond my search such as Las Vegas, or they are above or below my age requirements.  (I put up to 5 years younger and 10 years older)  It seems the only relatively local matches are those with whom I would have absolutely nothing in common with.  And what is up with these 45-50 year old men that still want kids? 

Ok enough about dating rants.  I enjoyed sleeping in this morning.  I was glad that I got my midterm done.  I finished it in less that two hours and I feel pretty good about it.  There were a few questions that I wasn’t completely sure on, but made my best guess.  I just hope I maintained an “A”.  I’m going to head to church shortly and then go up to the school to work.  I really need to do some cleaning and laundry here at the house, but it may have to wait.  It’s a cool morning and it rained a little bit.  I guess fall is finally here. 

I need some ideas for crazy hair day at school tomorrow.  It’s homecoming week with dress up days and I always dress up unlike most of the teachers at the school.


Leann said...

crazy hair day huh? How about braiding or pinning 'things' in your hair? Random stuff or pick a theme.

As for the depression...I understand and agree.

Men wanting kids...makes it difficult to date men my own age because they all want the toned little babies. I don't fit into that category.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

63mago said...

Having kids? Oh God no! Men my age should be looking at their 20 year old daughters and sons and enjoy that they slowly but steadily have independent people to talk to ...

VonnEinstein said...

Could be worse. You could be messed up like Matthew. Thankfully you're not!!

Patti said...

"I guess I’m too damn particular wanting someone within a 120 mile radius that isn’t psycho."


63mago said...

One has to keep standards. :)