Tuesday, October 05, 2010

On the go

I don’t know why it is but I always have to go above and beyond with spirit week.  Today was a hit – I was a total “gangsta” in my outfit.  Tomorrow is fictional character day and I’ll be going as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books.  I went to Amarillo to find a tie and tights to wear with my sweater, skirt, and robe.  I used a stick from the yard for my wand and am waiting for the brown paint I put on one side of it to dry so I can paint the other side.  Thursday is “Dress like your float day” and each grade level class has a Disney themed float.  I’m a senior sponsor this year and their float is based on “Toy Story.”  I think I’m going to go as the Magic 8 ball.  But it will be a very flat 8-Ball – just going to do a two sided sandwich board type of thing made out of posterboard.  I am, however, going to have real “predictions” with the costume.  It’s kind of difficult to explain so I’ll just have to post a picture. 

We also have a door decorating contest and I stayed after school today working on that.  Since my 4th period class (who is supposed to help with the door) is English, my door will be “Guess the Antagonist.”  I’ll have pictures of Disney characters (protagonists) and people will have to guess the name of their antagonist (villains).  The answers will be pictures placed behind the main characters.  I thought it was clever. 

I ran all over town to get costume stuff.  I went to Burlington Coat Factory, Michaels, Walmart, Hastings, and another Walmart.  I was happy to have Taco Villa for dinner though.  I got home about an hour ago and I’m still a little wired because I had caffeine with my dinner.  I hope I can get to sleep at a decent hour. 

I’ve decided to go to Albuquerque this weekend to visit my aunt.  She’s been asking me to come and thought there really isn’t a good weekend, I’m just going to bite the bullet and go.  I’ll get to see my sister so, it will be nice. 

Well, I’m going to go finish my wand and then try to get some sleep.  Another busy day tomorrow. 

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Patti said...

Wow! You are really the ultra-cool teacher we all remember, aren't you? :)