Sunday, March 18, 2012

The best girlfriend

That would be me.  Well, mostly.  But I have to admit I am pretty amazing from time to time.  Matt enjoyed his presents.  First, I got him this shirt from Threadless.  It was a big hit at the tournament.  I also got him some cologne, bath gel (which was free with the cologne purchase), some bathroom soap, and a new clock for his living room since his other one broke when we were setting up the t.v. stand.  But then there’s more!  Yesterday I picked up 84 mini cupcakes to share with all the Scrabble players.  I put them in the refrigerator in the hotel room and told Matt he had to stay away from it.  Surprisingly, he obliged.  When I finally let him look in there this morning, I already moved them.  They announced before the second to last game that there were cupcakes for his birthday in addition to another Scrabble player friend of his who has the same birth date, but 10 years apart.  As everyone finished their game and waited for the next set of postings, they came by to pick up cupcakes.  Everyone seemed to appreciate the gesture and thought I was a pretty good girlfriend. 

Matt didn’t do well at the tournament, but didn’t completely tank either.  He was frustrated from time to time, but he appreciated that I came with him and he enjoyed all the socialization that we did.  We had lunch with several other of his Scrabble friends and then dinner with another friend from his college days last night.  Overall it has been a pretty good trip and Matt and I seem to travel well together.  We may be heading back to the Panhandle for Easter if everything works out.  In the birthday card Matt’s mother sent him, she mentioned that she would like him to bring me up to St. Louis for Easter, but that would be too expensive I think.

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