Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do nothing day

I didn’t do a thing today – unless you count watching t.v. and goofing off online.  I should have done some house cleaning.  Well, I did unload the dishwasher and started loading it.  I might start putting away some laundry if I feel up to it.  I stayed in my sweats all day.  I even took a nap.  I almost feel guilty.  But it’s my break and I think I can have a do nothing day if I want. 

Matt just called and wants me to come over and watch a movie.  I guess I now have plans for the evening.  This will have to be a short post for today.


Anonymous said...

You deserve a day like that. Just wondering, does Matt have a blog?

Annabel said...

Thanks for commenting Joe. To answer your question - no, Matt doesn't have a blog. He is barely living in the 21st century having just gotten a cell phone this past December (thanks to me). He does have a computer and surprisingly, we met online through a dating site, but he doesn't really do much socially on the computer aside from email. He hasn't even read my blog in the past month or so.