Friday, March 09, 2012

Vacation Time

Spring break is finally here!  I’m looking forward to sleeping in every morning.  Of course with the time change happening this week, it will be difficult to get used to it before going back to school when the break is over.  Matt and I are going to Dallas on Thursday so he can compete in a Scrabble tournament.  I’m not going to compete though.  This tournament is mostly for the big dog players.  I will take it easy and find plenty of things to do.  I hope to get to Six Flags if I can. 

Today was very productive for me at school.  I finally got my desk area cleared of clutter and have all the excess papers and such either filed or thrown into the recycle bin.  It is amazing how a clean space can make one want to be even more productive.  I started on my office area and got a good start on it.  My focus for the next few weeks is to get my library and storage rooms in order. 

Matt is coming over shortly so we can go to dinner.  After dinner we are going to watch The Help on his new t.v.  It has been cold and rainy here today.  I hope it warms up soon.  I’d like to have some nice weather for spring break. 

I’m slowly feeling better, but my ear is still clogged.  I also had a headache today, but I think it is because I didn’t have any caffeine.  Though I gave up cokes, I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning or drink some tea during the day.  I fixed myself a cup of coffee when I got home today hoping that it will help.  I still don’t drink plain, black coffee, but I’m getting used to the fancy flavorful stuff with lots of cream and sugar. 

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