Sunday, March 04, 2012

Is it Murphy’s Law?

Is it because I’m finally in a happy place in my personal life that my body starts to fall apart?  So I went from strep throat on Thursday to an eye infection on Saturday.  I got prescription eye drops and started using them Saturday afternoon.  By Saturday evening at dinner, the infection started to clear up in my left eye, but then spread to my right eye.  Along with that, I started developing a cough.  Somehow I made it through the night with the help of benadryl.  My right eye was still red and swollen this morning, but the left eye was almost normal.  Now my ears are clogging up.  The right ear is completely clogged.  I hope it clears up on its own.  I think my insurance company would balk at three trips to the doctor within a week.  My voice is hoarse and I’m coughing intermittently.  I think I just have a viral infection that will have to go away on its own.  If it were bacterial, the penicillin should have taken care of it.  My strep throat symptoms are gone thankfully.  No fever, aches, and swollen tonsils.  I just wish the other gunk I’m dealing with would go away.  Being sick sucks.  Maybe I should have stayed home on Friday and gotten more rest.  Maybe I should stay home tomorrow.  I guess I’ll play it by ear – ha ha. 

In other big news, Matt finally got a new t.v.  He had been hoping for one through Craig’s list, but the guy decided not to sell it.  So it decided on another one that got good reviews in Consumer Reports.  We found one at Best Buy on sale for $699 – down from $999.  The problem was that they didn’t have it in stock.  So he bought the floor model for $649.  We looked for t.v. stands tonight but didn’t find anything that he really wanted.  But he is happy with the t.v. choice and once he gets a stand, I’ll help him get everything set up.  He cooked burgers on the grill tonight which were really good.  We watched the movie Moneyball tonight.  I thought it was a really good movie.  Next he will get The Help.  I saw it in the theater, but Matt hasn’t seen it yet.  Surprisingly, I had seen several of the Oscar nominated films this year. 

I think I’ll take another benadryl and call it a night.  I really hope my ear gets unclogged soon.  This is getting really annoying. 

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Anonymous said...

get well soon! these stupid infections take time, I hope you feel better soon!