Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ugh Testing

This week is more testing.  This is the official state mandated test that make or break schools depending on the scores.  It is a long, boring day because as a test monitor we can’t do anything but monitor.  No reading of any kind.  We can walk around the room.  We can sit and watch students.  That’s it. 

So I finally read The Hunger Games.  I downloaded it on my Kindle sometime last year, but never got it read.  I started it once, but didn’t get into it.  With the movie and all the hype coming out, I figured I should give it another try.  Unfortunately, both books in my library were checked out.  But since I already purchased it for my kindle, I was able to read it on my iPhone.  Not ideal reading but it worked.  I enjoyed the story overall.  I still think Harry Potter is much better, but it was a good read. 

I have band rehearsal tonight, but I’m really tired.  I picked up fast food for dinner because I didn’t even want to cook.  I guess I’ll take a bit of a nap if I can before I have to head out.  I intended to write a longer post, but it will have to wait for another time.

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Anonymous said...

good luck testing, perhaps you can try to come up with exotic scrabble words! You had a really amazing score the other day. Hopefully the testing will be done soon.