Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shopping Day 2

Today was more productive for me.  I had to get up early to take Matt and his friend to breakfast.  I’m not really used to eating three full meals a day.  It’s almost too much for me.  I’m sure I’ll pay for it later.  After breakfast, I came back to the hotel and slept for another hour or so.  I then got up and took a shower and headed back to the fancy mall for my hair cut.  I had her cut the back shorter so that it is more equal in length, but leave the sides alone while they grow out and catch up with the rest of the hair.  I also had her thin my hair since it gets thick in spots.  I love how soft and smooth it is after I get it cut.  After my hair cut, I headed back to the hotel to have lunch with Matt.  We went to In and Out Burger.  After lunch, I headed to a different mall where I finally decided on something else to get him for his birthday.  I also have something else planned but can’t mention it here just yet. 

After Matt was done for the day, we went to church and then went to meet a friend of his from college that he hadn’t seen in several years.  We went out to dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse where they come around with skewers of meat and serve you constantly until you turn your disk upside down to ward off the servers.  It was really good and filling.  After dinner we went to a local ice cream place and I had some really yummy vanilla cinnamon ice cream.  We got back to the hotel just a little while ago and now Matt is watching basketball and I’m obviously blogging. 

We head back home tomorrow.  I can’t believe Spring Break is almost over.  I have decided, however, that it is good that I’ve had a week to get used to the time change.  It won’t seem so drastic when I have to go back to work on Monday. 


Andrew Quixote said...

This is all so exciting! Your blog and life has really turned around 180 degrees since last year at this time. Matt seems like super boyfriend as well.

Leann said...

Shopping.....I can't wait to be able to do that again. It sounds like you had a wonderful time over your spring break! Can't wait to see the new 'do'. :-)

Annabel said...

Thanks for commenting Andrew - I love it when I see that you've posted something on my blog. Life is really good right now - I'm hoping that things stay this way. And Matt is a wonderful boyfriend - I know you'd like him a lot.

Leann - I'll try to post a picture when I can. It's not quite a bob, just short and simple while I grow it out - for now. We'll see how long it lasts before I itch for something different again.