Saturday, March 03, 2012

When it rains, it pours

As though it were not bad enough that I had to come down with strep throat this week, I now have an eye infection/irritation.  While I was sitting at the symphony last night, my left eye started bothering me.  By the end of the night my eyelid was swollen and my eye was all red.  I didn’t sleep well and my eye was watery and kind of matted all night.  So I made another trip to the medical clinic.  I got a prescription for some eye drops so hopefully it will go away soon.  Matt and I are still both sick – he called us a couple of sickos.  He is still coughing and has fluid buildup in his ears.  He is going to an ear doctor on Tuesday.  It would be nice if we could both get well.  It’s good that we like to share things, but perhaps not the germs.  I need to mow my yard again, but I think I’ll take it easy today and see if I can get my eye to appear somewhat normal. 

I’m picking up Matt a little after 5:00 tonight and we’ll go to church and then he is taking me to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Tomorrow he is going to cook burgers on the grill.  He said he would help me with the yard tomorrow.  I guess I will let him.  So I guess even though I’m a bit of a sicko right now – I’m still pretty lucky. 

I haven’t heard from Josh in a few days so I’ll probably call him later this afternoon once it is a decent hour down under.  I’m sure he is doing fine, but still have to hear from him every now and then.

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