Thursday, March 01, 2012

Pain in the Butt

Literally.  Since I have yet to find a doctor here in San Antonio, I went to the urgent care clinic this morning.  It opened at 8:00 and I was there about 20 minutes before they opened the doors.  I was 4th to sign in and the process was relatively fast as far as doctor’s offices go.  I saw a doctor within about 30 minutes.  With my symptoms, he agreed I probably had strep throat.  He said he could run a strep test, but left it up to me.  I declined and decided to go with the assumption.  He offered a shot of penicillin or 10 days of pills.  I opted for the shot since I’m horrible at taking medication.  The shot really hurt though.  My butt is still sore.  Hopefully it will work fast though.  I’m starting to feel better in general, but not 100%.  I skipped Scrabble practice again tonight.  Everyone is probably wondering if I’ve abandoned it.  Luckily Matt has been very understanding.  He called to check on my during his lunch break today and again when he got home.  He said he would call me again after he got home from Scrabble practice.  I can’t remember having a boyfriend that was that attentive.  I really hope I’m feeling better tomorrow so that we can go to the symphony tomorrow night. 

Tonight I’m watching American Idol, taking it easy, and drinking lots of fluids.  I don’t like being sick, but I was glad to be home today.  The nice thing about being a librarian and being absent is that I don’t have to worry about having a substitute and leaving class work.  I didn’t sleep very well last night, but was able to nap a little bit today.  I read some of my book – I’m finally to Sue Grafton’s newest, V is for Vengeance.  I’m not sure what I’ll read when I’m done with it.  I have a library full of books that I should be reading though. 

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Leann said...

Hope you're feeling better!!