Monday, November 29, 2004

Been a While

I know I haven't updated in a while. I'm getting over my internet withdrawal symptoms. I went to Albuquerque on Tuesday thinking it would be better to get ahead of the storms coming through, but found myself in the middle of them. It was a bit nasty driving from here until about Tucumcari, but after that it cleared up pretty well. I ended up taking my aunt's mother-in-law with us. She's 87 but it pretty good shape. Unfortunately she refuses to use a walker or a cane to help her walk because it might make her look "old".
I was without the internet while I was there so I had to catch up on all the blogs I read when I got back. The sad thing is that I received about 100 pieces of email and only one of them was something valid.
O.k. this is boring me too.
Marty and I are doing o.k. I still think he's being a little weird and distant (not just physcially) but he denies it. I'm a bit frustrated by the fact that he can't figure out when and if he can come here for Christmas because of one of the guys he works with that won't make up his mind.
I learned a new skill at my aunt's but I can't say anything about it here because it involves a present that I made for Marty. If you're just dying to know about it you can email me.
I also think I've got my Christmas list planned, but now have to wait for my bonus to see if I can buy anything for anybody.
It is freaking cold here. My house is currently at 62 degrees. I have a fire lit, and all the portable heaters on and I'm still cold. I hate winter. I hate being cold.
There's really nothing new to report here. It's mostly work right now. But I guess it's a good thing when there's nothing new to report. Something new isn't always a good thing.

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