Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Work, work, work

Who has time to keep up with a blog when all you do is work, work, work. Here's the latest:

Got my house clean. Woo Hoo! Even the laundry is caught up. If I can have the garage sale this weekend, I can get that stuff cleared out. Then I might be able to park my car in there. That would certainly be nice on those nasty snowy days we've been getting. I think we've surpassed the amount of snow we had the entire year last year.
Marty still doesn't know about is relocation and may not know for a few more months. Problem is that his job will be gone in like February so they're going to have to figure out something. This waiting in limbo stuff sucks. Puts him in a bad mood, makes me ancy. But I'm still dealing with it pretty well. Still have some concerns, but still love him very much. Love wins right now.
Heater in this house still sucks so I'm using small heaters in each room. It seems to be doing the trick. At least I'm not freezing any more.
Bought the dogs new beds since they didn't quite fit in the cat beds. Now the cats are taking over the dog beds. Go figure.
I haven't gone to my dance class in weeks. O.k. here's my excuses, oops I mean reasons: Two weeks ago it was the weather. Thurs. after that was I started my spring/fall cleaning bid and was on a roll. Last Monday I volunteered to help with Josh's all-region tryouts. Last Thursday I think I was still cleaning. This Monday I had to visit a school. I'm going to do my best to get there on Thursday. I don't think I have any more excuses to not go.
I've been working a lot. Today I drove over 200 miles and visited 5 schools. My schedule is not going to let up before Thanksgiving. I'm doing o.k. on getting renewals signed, but I still hate it.
I'm a creative genius when it comes to yearbook covers. O.k. maybe not, but I've learned some cool new tricks.
I'm feeling guilty about considering applying for a new job. Considering I'm getting a five-year ring and the winter meeting (that I normally don't go to, but probably will this year since it's in San Antonio) and that if by the snowball's chance in hell that I would even be considered for the job, it would put my boss and my schools in a bind. But the job sounds really great. A graphic artist. Sitting around being creative all day. No travel. Health insurance. It is sooooo tempting to just apply despite the fact that I don't have all the skills necessary. But I'm a quick learner. I am.
Went through my mom's jewerly box and boy did she have a lot of earrings. None that I could really wear (sensitive ears) or that I would want (different tastes). I've got to check with dad on the value of some of her stuff. I don't know what's geniune and what's not except for her diamond ring. Got to check with my sister to see if there's anything she wants.
I think that's all for now. Am determined to go to bed at a somewhat decent hour tonight. Yeah, right.

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