Thursday, November 11, 2004

Moving On

Well the birthday is over. It wasn't too bad. I got a present from Patrick last week. (He got me the C.S.I. board game) Dad took us out to dinner last week. Got a card from one of my advisers yesterday. Got a call from Marty. (No gift from him yet as he's having to spend $500 on closing costs to sell his house in Louisiana) I took Josh and a couple of his friends to dinner and a movie last night. We went to see Ray. It was very good. Jamie Foxx did a spectacular job of emulating Ray Charles.
Night before last I wrapped Josh's presents and then put them in his room before he got up. After he got up yesterday, I asked him if he was going to open them and he said no, he'd wait. That surprised me a bit, but I figured that he just wanted the anticipation of it. Well, I left around 7:30 yesterday morning to head to one of my schools. When I got back around 3:30 I checked his room and he couldn't help himself... he went ahead and opened them. (I knew he couldn't wait) I got him a DVD player for his room, weather calendar, book on Dali (the artist), a Duran Duran greatest hits CD, and the movie Galaxy Quest. I think it was a pretty good birthday for him this year.
Now the birthday is over. I'm 35. Josh is 14. Time to move on.

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