Saturday, November 13, 2004


I decided that since the weather forcast included rain and snow today I would not try to have the garage sale this weekend. I even made a sign to put in my yard, just in case. Just in case those crazy garage sale freaks didn't realize the weather was bad. (And indeed raining this morning) But at 7 when I got up, and it was raining, I thought that my sign might just smear in the rain and what good would that do? So I didn't put it out. And I went back to bed. But sure enough, at 8:00 on the dot, people were here for the garage sale I had advertised. (When the weather people forcasted a nice 50 degree day) Luckily David was up. He told them that we weren't having it due to weather and I had him put my sign out. You know, I could have opened my garage and have the sale for the lunatics, but problem is that a. I would have to freeze my butt off for a few trinket sales b. I didn't really have time to get it completely set up c. I really don't currently have walking space around the tables since I had to quickly shove everything back in the garage when it rained last week and now I can't put it back out in the driveway since it's STILL wet and d. after the freaks snub all the little stuff (since I don't have great pieces of furniture to buy and restore) I would still be left with a garage full of stuff and a cold. So, I've postponed the garage sale and offer my prayers for better weather next weekend. (Is there a patron saint of garage sales or weather I wonder?)

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