Thursday, November 04, 2004

Debit Card Catastrophe

Technology is indeed grand, but it can be the bane of existence too. Case in point. ATM machines. Wonderful machines when you need a little extra cash on the go when banks aren't available. Yes, sometimes they charge that nasty fee, but generally it's worth it when you need cash immediately.
I was in Borger today. Had about and hour to kill before my next school in Fritch. I think to myself, "I'm thirsty." Mmmmm, no cash. Only pennies in my ash tray. Oh wait! I have a debit card! I know where a machine is. I've used it before. I actually have money in my account. So I drive on over to the machine and seconds before I put my card in I think to myself, "I really don't trust these machines that you actually have to put your card IN rather than swipe it.." BUT I put it in anyways. And the machine just sits there. Doesn't ask me nicely for my PIN number. It just tells me to insert my card. I yell at it "It's already inserted!" It doesn't respond. I hit buttons to no avail. There's a number on the machine to call in case you have questions regarding the fee charged so I call it. Tell my story to the lady at Amarillo National Bank. And find that there's nothing that can be done. She tells me that either my card is jammed. (Probably) Or that it couldn't read the magnetic strip and it kept the card in it's depository or something. (Not likely as I used it the night before) She says that the only time a technician will be at that machine is on Monday. She said that they should be able to retrieve my card by then and it will be forwarded to my bank... eventually. She tells me that she can put a block on it so that if by some miracle it is ejected nobody could use it. I have concerns about this as since this is not my bank. So when I get back to town I deposit a check and get some cash back and ask about my card. The person I need to talk to isn't in at the moment, but I could come back later. I come back later. Person is there, but with a customer that is opening a money market account with $25,000. Must be nice. Eventually I talk to her and she calls the company directly and puts a lost block on the card that can be taken off if I do get it back.
So I'm without my debit/credit card that I like to use when I go out to eat or shop. Now I have to write checks. I'm getting so spoiled. I don't even write checks to pay my bills any more.

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Summer said...

I feel your pain! And what is up with that snow? I live in Virginia and up until a few days ago we had enough warm days that we could wear shorts!