Saturday, November 13, 2004


It seems that I'm not the only one suffering from depression and moodiness right now. Patrick has been moping about the fact that his current love interest has snubbed him more or less and he still hasn't found true love. I don't know what I can tell him to make him feel better. He's a great guy. Very nice. And yes I, too, broke his heart. But honestly I don't know that we'd ever get to a point of a relationship anyways. I told him that I thought he's trying too hard. I can't say I speak for all women, but if a guy tries too hard, it sends up huge warning signals. Honestly for me, a little aloofness is far more intriguing.
My friend Pam has also been down in the dumps. I can't go into details about the situation she's been in, but suffice to say, she is having those "What's wrong with me" thoughts. Pam is a wonderful friend and a geat catch. Again, it really is just the wrong guy.
And now Marty is moody. And he's not certain why. He says it's probably because of all the uncertainty with his job. Which I can understand, but I always wonder and speculate if it's something more. And his mood affects me. Not that I needed any help in that area.
I guess I'm still dealing with the whole birthday thing. And the Marty thing. And my job. And the house.
Is it spring yet? Oh yeah, we still have to go through winter. Ugh.

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Summer said...

I am truly sorry that you're feeling the way you are these days. I'm right there with you and I will send some good thoughts your way (and Patrick's too). Maybe between the 3 of us we can summon up some positive energy. It's there somewhere, I'm sure of it.