Friday, November 05, 2004


Just got back from Olive Garden. Josh and I went out to eat for our birthday dinner. (Next Wed. is the actual day) We invited my dad and his girlfriend along. (He paid... woohoo!) And now I'm full. I had salad, breadsticks, chicken parmesan (with leftovers for tomorrow), raspberry cheesecake, and wine. I understand why they generally hold the door open for you when you leave. So you can conveniently roll out on to the sidewalk. But it was so very good. Now I'll have to fast the rest of the weekend.
I'm on a roll working on my house. My living room is clean. Maybe for the first time since I moved in. Of course that means the rest of the house is a mess. Hopefully I'll keep the urge to keep going through the weekend.


Patrick Goodman said...

Hope Josh liked his present half as much as you did yours. :) Glad you had a nice meal; those are always nice to have for a birthday.

The Cheshire Cat said...

I love Olive Garden too. Yes, I know what you mean about them holding the door open for you lol. A friend of mine always joked that since the chairs have wheels on the bottom...They could just roll you to your car and dump you out. Ok, enough of the silly stuff. I hope you have a happy birthday next week. I have been a fan of your blog for some time now. Take care :)