Friday, December 02, 2005

How the internet makes my life better

I love the internet. It's amazing how that love has grown in the 10 years I've been online. When I first got online, I used AOL when they charged an arm and a leg per minute and I had to be careful about how much time I spent online. Luckily I met Richard at that time and he showed me the light of other companies that only charged a flat fee for unlimited service. Of course that was all back in the days of dial-up and 14.4 modems. I know a handful of people that still use dial-up (non-DSL) and I have to wonder why.
I loved chat rooms once upon a time, but have since lost interest. I remember being very frustrated using IRC and having a 5 minute lag time and I didn't understand why I could see other people's messages, but nobody was responding to mine.
I still enjoy instant messaging for the most part, but it has lost it's thrill as well. Like the guy that talked to me last night that lost interest when I acted like a teacher... which I am... in telling him that he was too young for me.
But I still love blogging, although I struggle for things to write about these days. I think talking about my lousy love life has had it's day. (Though I don't promise I won't talk about it any more.) And honestly, there just isn't that much excitement going on here... so you'll have to muddle through the boring stuff. Or maybe it's all boring.. I don't know.
The internet does have some other wonderful features. For example, I don't really have to leave home any more to do anything. Today I renewed both my driver's license and vehicle registration online. No waiting in lines or taking a day off of work. It was quite grand. And let's not forget online bill payment. That has got to be one of the greatest things! I haven't mailed a bill in for about two years now. I just sit down at my computer once a month and figure out how much I'm going to pay each company and do it all online. My bank either does an electronic payment or sends a check. And it comes out of my account immediately. No waiting for checks to clear and I almost always know how much money is my bank account. No stamps. No going to the post office. It's great. We can't forget the shopping either. Last year I bought several of my large Christmas gifts online because A. It's easier B. It was a lot cheaper. C. No tax. D. It's delivered to your door. I could probably do all my shopping online, but I do need to get a little exercise here and there.
You'd think with all this advancement with the internet we'd have so much more time. Well, that might be true if I didn't read my blogs, write them, surf the web, talk to friends, and shop. Oh well. It's still a good thing even though my house still isn't clean.

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momacakes said...

Annabell, I am so sorry to cause you problems But I've gone and changed the title of mt blogs and the addresses. The new ones are and And I am no longer pixie...I am moma cakes! I know I have too much free time!