Monday, April 16, 2007

An embarrassing moment

I went to the store today because we were almost out of food. Josh was with me and we got the basics and the total came to $65. I ran my debit card through the reader and it was declined. I tried paying partially in cash thinking that maybe I was off in my head calculation of what was in my account and tried again... still no luck. I had no other form of payment with me. No checks, $9 in cash, and that's it. I had to leave my groceries in the cart so I could come home and adjust my bank account. (Which was really stupid because I realized after the fact, that I could have just gone to the ATM located IN the store.) So I came home and checked my balance and there was some things from last week that didn't go through until today. I transferred money from savings to it, but when I went to my bank's ATM it still showed insufficient funds. So I just took the money out of savings, then went back to the store and had to go through the line again and have the groceries rung up again. I technically had plenty of money in the account. SSI deposits Josh's money early, but doesn't make it available for several days... which is ridiculous. I also had plenty in savings and you'd think my bank would automatically take it out of there when I'm short... but that must be inconvenient or something. Oh well. I now have groceries and enough money in my account.

Josh's money will be "released" on Wednesday and payday is Friday. Josh needs new shoes and he wants to go see Mozart's Requiem this weekend. I'm also leaving for a state trip to Austin on Sunday. My students want to stop to ride some rollercoasters on the way down. O.k. maybe I put the idea in their heads, but they want to go. I'll be gone Sunday through Tuesday, but I'll probably take my computer with me. Then the week after next, I'll be going BACK to Austin for UIL state. I'm excited that Josh will be down there too for One Act.

Today was uneventful. I did find out why I only have 6 students testing in my room. These are the students that can request having their test read to them. If I have to, I'm required to read the questions to them. The only thing I can't read are numerical answers for math questions. But the counselors said that despite them having this modification, they most likely won't ask me to read the questions to them. Oh... and get this. Usually the school gives us water and mints to give to the kids on testing day. We got a note from the counselor stating that they would only send water because the mints do not meet the TEA standards of foods with minimum nutritional value. Teachers, can however, provide mints for the students... as long as it's not officially sanctioned by the school, I guess. I wish that the state would simply let the teachers get back to actually "teaching."

Well, I'm going to take a shower tonight so I get a little extra sleep in the morning and I'm going to try to go to bed early. I did not want to get up this morning. But... on the bright side... only 6 more weeks of school!


abbagirl74 said...

It's your lucky day and mine. I live in Wichita!!! WooHoo! When are you coming? Why? I have a bunch of nosy questions now. Let me know and I will definitely clear time in my schedule. Looking forward to it!

Susanlee said...

What OAP is Josh's school doing? I saw CISD do Taming of the Shrew once and it was amazing, but they got disqualified for adding an intro or something stupid. How was the concert by the way?? Something is always always wrong with my debit card when I go to the grocery store. Well not always, but enough that they think I'm a troublemaker. Usually the banks systems are down for matainence since I tend to shop in the middle of the night *le sigh*