Thursday, April 19, 2007

I can't think of a headline

Today was a rather mundane day. It was another day of TAKS testing. The students finished early and I got some puzzles out for them to pass the time. I ate lunch in my room as always. (Frozen dinner of pasta and chicken) I should have graded papers and got things ready for my sub, but I didn't. I guess I'll do that tomorrow. When I got home, Josh and I went to the grocery store to get dinner. We got some ribs and chicken along with some garlic mashed potatoes. Josh had to be at school early for a performance so I didn't really have time to cook. I went to watch his show again tonight. To answer Susan's question... they're doing Taming of the Shrew again, but this time the director got the adaptation approved ahead of time. It is such a cute and clever show. They had a good audience tonight.

Now I'm home and I hope to go to bed early. I was tagged for a meme so I guess I'll go ahead and get that done.

What I'm reading now:

Currently I'm about halfway through a book called "The Amber Room" by Steve Berry. It's getting pretty intriguing right now so when I read, I hate to put it down. Most recently I read a book called "Hide" by Lisa Gardner and I really enjoyed it. I discovered this author a few years ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed her books.

I have a few more books sitting around that I may get to, it just depends. I am waiting for Janet Evanovich's next book that will come out in June. I plan to re-read the Harry Potter books this summer just before the last one comes out on July 21.

I wish I had more time for reading. I have been able to read more since I've been going back to tournaments. I'm going to have to have something to read on Monday while I'm in Austin. Well, that's it for tonight.

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