Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Getting Crafty

Well, I'm going to make an attempt at least. A few months ago, the principal sent out an email requesting that teachers with some kind of "talent" volunteer for a talent show for the students that pass the TAKS test. Well, the show-off that I am immediately volunteered. Of course I couldn't decide if I want to play my clarinet, do a flag routine or perform an interpretation piece. I decided on a flag routine. The talent show won't be until May 21, but I have to start getting ready. I have some ideas for a routine. (I'm probably going to use one I've done before and adapt as necessary - I have most of them written down.) But then I started thinking about what I should wear. I have decided to make my "costume." I went to Walmart tonight and found a pattern that I liked and even found material on sale for it. I am hoping I remember the few sewing skills I learned the last time I made something which was ... oh about 16 years ago. Well, if I don't remember everything, my aunt or sister could probably help me out. I'm kind of excited about it. I really like the material. The top is going to be a dark teal color that is kind of crinkly. The pants are a kind of crinkled crushed velvet. I think it will be quite classy. I just hope I'm up for it!


Leann said...

And you'll be filming this so we can see it right? ;-)

I love the pattern and can't wait to see the finished product.

Good luck!

abbagirl74 said...

Yes, please document as you go. We would love to see the outfit progress.

Susanlee said...

hee hee you should just wear the costume and say "I made this. That is my talent." Yes please show pictures. My sister was a flag girl and a twirler, until her baton broke her nose, then she was just a flag girl. (flagger?)