Sunday, January 06, 2008

The first step

Well, I'm doing it. I've taken the GRE and last night I submitted my application to graduate school online. Now I have to submit another application, resume, and letter to the Library school. I should get all of that in the mail tomorrow. I finished my resume and the application last night and I'm working on the letter of intent right now. I'm asking my former boss, my principal and the librarian to fill out recommendation forms for me. I hope I'll know something in the next few weeks. I also need to fill out the FASFA information, but I think I need to wait until I get my taxes done. Then all I can do is wait and see. I'm still concerned about my scores, but I'm going to hopefully give the review committee enough reason to overlook the scores.

I went to Sunday school and Mass today. Then I came home for a bit. Around 2:00 I went to Walmart to get a present for my nephew whose birthday is today. I went to the party at Mr. Gatti's, had some pizza, and watched the birthday boy enjoy his first birthday cake. I came home and have been working on the essay. I need to do some laundry for school tomorrow.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Josh did make all-state band again. He barely made it, but managed to squeeze in. I'm going to ask for days off to go down early this year. It might be his last year depending on what happens with the school classification next year. They may move up in class which means that he would change audition classes as well. Regardless, I'm going to San Antonio again in February.

It hasn't been very exciting, but that's just life. Well, back to writing the essay.


mapiprincesa! said...

Congratulations, Annabel! The GRE and subsequent application process can be such a bear. Much like the SATs, though, I'm sure it was just another necessity, another hoop through which to jump. Considering I didn't use the English language hardly at all and very little math (enough logic) in my graduate program I hardly saw a point, but it was rather in the application where I had to prove my foreign language aptitude for non-native entry into the PhD program.

It is a first step of the process; however, I seem to recall the "process" being much less of a headache than that which going to University initially had required, so you are going to be just fine.

The All-State concerts are so much fun! Congratulations to Josh on having made it again. He'll still probably have to audition for a seat once there, so he may still prove himself! I only went one year as a violinist but had a great time, and got to hear Issac Stern play live as well. It was a thrill.

Be well, Annabel. Looking forward to your updates.

Terri said...

Congrats to you and Josh! Great accomplishments for you both. Good luck in your upcoming milestones, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Happy writing, hope it goes easy.