Monday, January 21, 2008

Only slightly pulling my hair out

I'm still struggling with organizing the judges for my tournament. I don't know if I should plan based on the current entry numbers or if I should "hope" for a few more entries in certain events. That can change having 3 sections instead of two. At one point today I had 8 rooms of CX debate and by the end of the day it was 11 rooms. By the end of the week it could change again.

Today I was supposed to review for a test with my comm. app. classes, but I just went over the information briefly and will let them use their notes on the test. I put the test online and had them log into Moodle today to make sure they could all access it. They spent the rest of class working on a worksheet for their upcoming request letter project. My interp and debate classes are working on tournament stuff. They are making posters for the schools that are coming. This morning I had 18 entries and by this afternoon, I had 23.

I did my taxes this evening and am very disappointed by my return. Thankfully I don't have to pay, but I'm only getting $662 back this year when I got almost $1900 last year. This all due to losing the child tax credit because my child turned 17 last year. (Which is stupid, they should still count if they are 18 or under and still in high school... but what do I know?) I did get a whopping $90 for Earned Income Credit. I earned quite a bit more this year than last year because of the $2000 raise and the bonus money I received. Next year, I'll earn less because I won't have the bonus money. Now if I can just hear something from UNT, I can fill out my FAFSA.

Well, I guess I'm not going to get new tile floors any time soon. If I get into grad school and can take the 9 day session on campus this summer, I'll need to use the money for that to pay for a hotel for that long. (At that's at someplace cheap like Motel 6) I also need to pay for Josh's band camp. Thankfully he made all-state again which makes it a little more affordable, but it will still be about $200. I also owe him money for his college classes that he's taking right now. It just never seems to end and I can't seem to get ahead.

Well, I'm going to call it an early night. I did get up early but that's because I was awake since around 4:00 a.m. I made it to school by 7:35 so I did some things accomplished before school started. I worked all day long without any breaks and still haven't gotten everything ready. Tomorrow will be a long day as I have to stay at school for a judges meeting.


abbagirl74 said...

I claim the kid every other year. This year, he's mine. Last year, I had to pay in Kansas taxes. I can't imagine what it will be this year. Hopefully, it's a good return.

Summer said...

My son was looking at your blog and loved the roller coaster picture. He wants to know how many you have ridden. He also wanted to know if you like Star Trek, maybe because of your interest in Marvin. ha! You both love the same foods and he said he wanted to come visit you.