Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Starting off another Year

Like Summer, I generally don't make resolutions because it seems like such a let down if they aren't fulfilled. But there are things that I do want to accomplish this year so I might as well post it in my blog. Maybe that will give me some accountability.

1. I would like to lose some weight before my 20 year reunion. I really don't care how much, but I would really like to lose a dress size or two. I will try to make an effort to eat better and what the heck... I may even try some exercise too.

2. I would like to get into graduate school and start the process of getting my library science degree. As soon as I take the GRE (oh my gosh it is THIS Saturday!), I'll get the paperwork filled out and get my references lined up and get it started. I'm sure they could refuse to accept me, but I think they would really like my money.

3. I would like to get my house really clean once and for all. (This includes the garage - again.) In addition, I'd like my living room tiled as planned (and my dad "says" he is coming to help me with that).

4. Although it doesn't seem very feasible, I would love to be able to go ride some new coasters this year.

5. Even though I certainly wouldn't turn down a date, I've decided that it is o.k. to be alone. I've resolved that this is the plan for me and I'm going to work to make my life the way I want it.


mago said...

A Happy New Year to You! I hope you will reach what you want and what you planned.
I read through your recent posts and found me tagged with "7 things". I once wrote down 8 things (http://63mago.blogspot.com/search/label/8%20things)
and in a while I will write seven things - I will notice you. And thank you for mentioning me in your meme :)

Experience has it that besides becoming poor, moving the body is the best recipe for loosing weight: It takes willpower to force oneself to do it, but it works: Do it Annabel, you will feel better!

abbagirl74 said...

You should come and meet us in Ohio in July. You can stay with my family. We have plenty of room! I remember you telling me you once drove "several" miles for something. What was it?

abbagirl74 said...

Cedar Point is ranked as the #1 theme park! Don't you want to ride the Millenium Force? Huh, huh?

Summer said...

Hehe. The garage. Again. Still.