Friday, January 18, 2008

Hooray for the end of the week!

And no speech tournament tomorrow. Woo Hoo! I am going to a church thing in the morning - a presentation by our priest on the subject of bioethics, but other than that, I have nothing pressing to do tomorrow. Sunday morning I'm singing in the women's ensemble at the 8:30 Mass. Tonight will consist of watching Monk and Psych and then bed.

I stayed warm today. I wore long johns under my pants and a shirt under my sweater. But the temperature is slowly rising as well. It's a balmy 39 degrees right now. Well... it's better than the 12 or 18 we've had this week. I spent all day working on judges for our tournament. This morning we were about 78 spots short. After I had the kids in my 7th period work on it, we were down to 30-something spots. This is all speculation based on the potential numbers for our tournament, however. Some numbers are still low, but there are some schools that still haven't entered either. I spent time updating the website with the judging schedules and other items. I don't know if you can even imagine what goes into preparing to host a speech tournament, but it takes a lot of organizing. This is on top of teaching classes, preparing lessons, attending meetings, travel planning, budgeting and whatever else they want to pile on us. Oh yes... the words of the week which I didn't even talk to my classes about this week. Last week were the words "horizontally" and "vertically" This week it is "precision" and "accuracy". What fun!

Well Josh is going out tonight so I think I'll order Thai food and take it easy. I could use a nap, but I have to stay awake for my shows.


Andrew said...

I am so glad you have this weekend off. I am assuming you are off for MLK day. Thank God for holidays! I know this might seem silly to you, but I genuinely worry about you and all you have to do to pay bills, keep food on the table, and help Josh. I just care. And you're still my favorite blog! :-)

Annabel said...

No, not off for MLK. We had in-service this past Monday. But I need the whole week to get ready for the tournament. Thanks for caring. We're managing right now. Just living paycheck to paycheck like always. Luckily it's paycheck time right now.