Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Last day of freedom

But it has been an enjoyable day. I got in around 1:30 last night and so I slept in until around 10:00. Before I woke up, I had the typical teacher nightmare where I had an obnoxious class that I couldn't control and on top of it I was losing my voice. I spent the morning watching the Monk marathon and fiddling around on the computer. I started another post that I didn't finish and maybe I'll get to it later. I went to Amarillo around 2:00 today and went to the book store. I found a new study Bible that I wanted and so I spent my gift card on it. I also got a Bible case to put it in. Hopefully it will encourage me to do more reading and prayer this year.

My friend Carol picked me up at 4:00 and we went to Feldman's to visit. We ordered cokes and had some chips and queso. She gave me a Christmas present as well. She got me a set of flannel pajamas that I'm wearing as we type this. After I got home I ran to the grocery store because we were out of toilet paper. Of course I had to get a few additional items. But ground beef was on sale for .99 a pound.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work. At least it is just a work day and hopefully I'll get a lot done. I need to do a lot of filing and hopefully get some stuff done on the computer.

I have some answers for Abbagirl. The next time I'm going to Vegas is in February for the Shot Show. I'll be there Feb. 2-5. But I'll be working during the day until around 5 or 6 each day. Hopefully I'll be going back in June for the National Speech tournament. That is only if I have a student that qualifies for Nationals. That will be around June 15-20. We may go a few days early for sight-seeing and such. We're thinking of sky diving.
I have been to Cedar Point twice. The first time was in 2001. The second time was in 2004 and I drove there. It is a great park and one of my favorites. And I've ridden Millennium Force 3 or 4 times now. I've ridden all the coasters in the park except for one of the kiddie ones. Top Thrill Dragster was my 100th coaster to ride and at the time it was the tallest and faster coaster in the world. When are you going in July?

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Leann said...

Hmmm...vegas is not that far from me, I'll have to see if I can arrange a vacation at the same time. Wouldn't that be fun???!! I've not been in years, like 15 or better. Have never done the amusement park thing there. Ohh...lots to do....