Sunday, January 20, 2008

A week to go

Well, it's just a week until my tournament. Today was spent as a relaxing day since I know that all heck is going to break loose this week and I'll be at school late every night. I sang at the early Mass this morning and then went to class. I came home and fixed some lunch and then enjoyed a nap. I made some dinner tonight (San Francisco Chops) and have spent the evening in my recliner watching t.v., reading blogs and just being a bum.

I'm going to try to get to school early tomorrow. I need to get some grades entered since it's the third week of school. I also need to clean my desk and get some tournament stuff done. If I get a chance, I'll post my checklist so you can get an idea of what has to be done for this event. Maybe after it's over I'll find more things to write about. Or not. I still don't have much of a life. Maybe I'll hear about grad school before long.


Andrew said...

I am excited to hear about the GRE results. I could probably do college now that I am sober. Drinking always trumped studying in my past life. I am hoping Vocational Rehabilitation will pay for me to go to school. Me and you both are entering undiscovered countries. Isn't it grand? Have a great day today.

Rebecca said...

Good luck with grad school. I keep coming back, just hoping you have some good news on that front.
I think its very cool that you are ready to continue with your education.