Monday, January 14, 2008

Just another Monday

Today was an in-service day. We spent time this morning discussing schedules for next year. With yet more new state laws requiring additional Math and Science credits, students are having a difficult time getting in all their classes. It's killing elective classes because there's no time to take them. So now we're looking at adding a class during the day as well as other options. The powers that be seem to think that every high school graduate should be college bound, but they simply don't realize that there are some students that never will be college material.

We had lunch provided by the administration which was actually pretty good. They served us fajitas. Then we had a guest speaker that was actually entertaining for once. After lunch we had more department meetings, but some of my students were performing at the senior citizens center today so I went to that for a while. They did pretty well and they audience seemed to enjoy their performances. I did get to see my former mother-in-law which was nice. After that, I went back to my department meeting. After that I worked on some tournament stuff for a bit. I was home by 5:00 and made pizza for dinner. I had to go to a financial aid meeting at Josh's school tonight. I did get some good information but now I'm still wondering how in the world I'm going to pay for his school and possibly my own if I do manage to get into graduate school.

Well, it's already been a long day so I'm going to head to bed early tonight. I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow. I just can't get into it this semester it seems. Maybe it's the stress of the tournament. I think it's more my 6th period class where I still feel completely lost as to how to teach them. It's going to be a long semester.

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Leann said...

Where there is a will there is a way!! I know you'll work it out and be fine.