Saturday, March 19, 2011

Alone Again

I didn’t get to have a date with Matthew tonight.  He wasn’t feeling well having stomach issues and vomiting.  So we’ll have to reschedule for another time.  Today I worked on my bedroom.  I can see the floor again.  I cleaned out drawers in my dresser and got rid of several things.  I have way too many t-shirts.  I still have a little more to do, but I’m tired now.  I also sprayed weeds on my sidewalk, cleared dead weeds from last winter, and washed several loads of laundry.  I did a little reading and will go do more shortly.  My arms are sore from helping Matthew move. 

Tomorrow I need to clean the laundry area.  I’m going to try to clean the walls and paint behind the current washer and dryer.  Once I get my new set next weekend, I think they’ll be too heavy to move and I won’t be able to clean or paint behind them.  I figure I should get that done before next weekend. 

Josh headed back to Nacogdoches today.  He just called a little while ago and said he made it through Dallas.  I won’t see him again until he is out of school in May. 


Rebecca said...

Trust me, the front loading washer/dryer are way too heavy to move. I can't get mine to budge and that makes it hard to reach socks and things that fall behind. Did you end up getting the pedestal stands? I didn't but I don't mind not having them. They were way too expensive for just a metal stand with a drawer in it.

Annabel said...

No, I didn't buy the pedestals. I thought they were too expensive. The washer and dryer will be about 3-4 inches up as they will sit on a little bit of a ledge in the garage. I vacuumed around the area tonight and will clean the walls tomorrow and hopefully paint on Tuesday/Wednesday.