Thursday, March 17, 2011

Completely exhausted

Today reminded why I never want to move again.  Matthew didn’t even have a houseful of stuff.  He was living in a relatively small one bedroom apartment and moved to a small one bedroom apartment.  But we had to make two 100 mile round trips which included loading and unloading twice.  Josh and his friend Dustin certainly earned their money today. 

Matthew arrive around 7:15 and I took him to get his truck rental.  I came back home and picked up Josh and his friend and we headed to Matthew’s place.  We loaded the truck and my car as much as we could and made the 50 mile trip to the new place.  We unloaded (his apartment is on the second floor), then headed back.  We stopped for lunch and then did the same thing again.  After unloading the second time, I met Matthew at the rental place so he could return the truck and then we all came back to my place.  Matthew got his car and then we headed to Best Buy.  During the course of the move, I talked him out of keeping a very heavy and outdated entertainment center that he really didn’t have space for in his apartment.  So we looked at some tv stands but didn’t decide on anything.  We also looked at stereos because the poor man is barely living in the 21st century.  He does have a computer and I did give him an mp3 player.  He got his first DVD player THIS Christmas.  He still has a RECORD player.  He did not even have  a CD player (though he does have CDs).  So after Best Buy we looked at Walmart.  Still didn’t find anything he loved.  We went back to his apartment and unloaded more boxes that he had in his car.  He then decided he wanted to go to Sam’s club.  So we went there.  Found a stereo for a good price.  They had a tv stand he liked, but none in stock.  So he got the stereo.  Then he decided he needed a margarita.  So we went to a Mexican restaurant that was across the street and shared an appetizer and drank margaritas.  I dropped off at his apartment about an hour ago.

I did get a return call from the lady at the university and she said that she was finally able to manually add the test for me but it would take a few hours. I just got online and was able to register for it.  So that is taken care of finally.

I told Matthew today that he hadn’t negotiated my fee for my help today.  He said that he thought it was going to be in exchange for helping me tile this summer.  I told him that I thought I was going to help him with his house in Indiana for helping me, but that I should take the tiling help.  At dinner tonight he asked me what my fee was for today.  I told him that I just wanted to kiss him for an hour or so.  He asked what I was doing Saturday and said he might be recovered by then.  It’s been a long while since we just spent time kissing so I’m looking forward to that.  I’ve offered to help him unpack tomorrow.  But I am going to sleep in.  I only have to get up around 9:45 to take Mollie to the groomers.  I’ll try to post a picture of her as well. 

Time for me to take out the contacts and hit the bed.  I don’t think there will be a need for ambien – though I think some tylenol would be good for the aches.


Leann said...

My goodness!! You had a very busy and I'm betting long day! I hope you didn't wake up too sore this morning but I'm betting you did :-)

Enjoy your day off and the weekend of kissing :-)

Blessings dear.

63mago said...

Skip that pills, my dear, you do not need them.
Your Matthew needs to be worked on I guess. He'll like it and be wax in your hands.