Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to Work

Well, it could have been worse I guess.  Of course I had to deal with computer issues – again.  It seems that it would have been a good idea to fix a bunch of the computer things over the break instead of doing them the Monday we get back and wreaking havoc on everything.  Today I couldn’t print.  Anywhere.  It was very frustrating since I needed to print things for my classes.  I needed to send out letters regarding our upcoming UIL contest.  I finally was able print a few things in another teacher’s classroom.  But I had to revamp my teaching plans and then revamp them again.  I thought I would do my appreciative listening exercise in speech class today, but then iTunes wouldn’t work either.  I couldn’t burn a CD to play in a CD player so I had to shift gears again and go with something else.  But I managed to get through and just deal as always. 

I asked one of the assistant principals to write me a letter of recommendation so that I can apply for a job at a university.  Tomorrow I need to focus on writing my cover letter and explaining my qualifications. 

After school I went to Lowes to get paint for the garage.  I chose a pretty shade of gray.  Not dark industrial gray but one that has a lighter and kind of blue-ish tint.  Tomorrow I have to clean the walls and patch the corner and get started painting.  I have a tentative date reschedule with Matthew for Wednesday so I need to get it done tomorrow. 

I had band rehearsal tonight and I realize that I really need to practice my music.  I will plan to do that on Sunday.  The busy-ness is back in full swing.  Tomorrow - cleaning/painting garage.  Wednesday – kissing date.  Thursday – Choir rehearsal.  Friday – UIL contest.  Saturday – Washer/Dryer delivery.  Sunday – Church, clarinet practice, church group meeting.  Then start over another week.  But only about 10 more weeks of school.  Thank goodness.

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