Friday, March 11, 2011

Wasted Degree

Assuming that I do pass my capstone and get to graduate in May, I found out today that there will be no library job available for me in the district next year.  Because of the budget cuts, they are going to split the position between another elementary librarian that is already working in the district.  Which means I still have to teach when I really hate my job.  And there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it because nobody is hiring.  And the district can pile on whatever crap they want on top of me which means they could be giving me even more English classes and who knows what else.  What a great way to start the day!  Oh, and I just got information about starting to pay back the loans I got for grad school.  So now I also have to pay for the (hopeful) degree I got that I cannot use. 


Anonymous said...


Leann said...

There are always choices my darling. It just depends on what lengths you are prepared to go to in order to change things.

Have a very blessed weekend :-)

Patti said...


Anonymous said...

Are there other libraries, I mean run by other howtosay people companies organisations whatever, not public sector? Curches have libraries and archives, large companies, scientific societies.

Andrew said...

I hated to hear this is happening. You live so far away or I would drive over and give you a big hug of consolation. Let's hope something even better arises.

Annabel said...

There are other libraries but very few choices in this area. And even when/if a different (say public or academic) library job opens, the fact that I have no experience is a strike against me. The other issue is that those jobs do not pay as well as teaching. But I'm keeping my options open and am considering other places.

I know there are other choices and I am not eliminating anything yet - the budget issues are affecting library jobs everywhere right now.