Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Idol Tonight

Now that I’ve caught up on all the episodes I missed I’m finally able to watch American Idol when it airs.  Of course now I can’t fast-forward through the commercials.  I really only watch a few shows on t.v. so it’s nice to have the time to just watch without worry.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have other things I should be doing, but sometimes you just have to let go of responsibilities for a little enjoyment. 

Speaking of enjoyment, Lent is just around the corner.  I have no idea what I should be giving up for this time period.  I really have no life so it’s difficult to come up with something that would be meaningful.  Perhaps I’ll do desert or cokes again.  Both of those would be difficult right now. 

I’ve been really tired lately and I’m not sure why.  It’s probably stress related.  Last night I was asleep before 10.  I got home today and just wanted to take a nap.  But when I try, I can’t sleep.  So I got up and made dinner and had a bloody mary. 

I was able to finish a book on my Kindle today.  We had TAKS testing and my room was done really early.  We had three hours to kill until lunch time.  I finished reading my Mental Floss magazine and almost finished my Kindle book.  It’s been nice to read for pleasure again. 

My tax return came the other day.  I was about to send Josh $1000 but my aunt and uncle called to tell me they were going to send him money for the rest of his college bill.  That means we have extra money for a potential vacation this year.  Josh is interested in going to either Seattle or Washington DC.  I’m fine with either but certainly open to other suggestions if anyone has some. 

I also need to buy a new washer & dryer.  I can’t decide if I should get a top load or front load.  I’ve read about issues with front loaders getting small things stuck.  Any suggestions on that? 

Well, I guess that’s all for tonight.  Going to finish watching idol tonight and then head to bed.  I might do a little reading.  I think I’m going to download the next Lee Child book.  I have others I’ve downloaded, but I think I’m ready to read another Jack Reacher story. 


Anonymous said...

hope you had a good night's rest and a good read!

Anonymous said...

We loved visiting DC but Seattle was also fun. From what I've been reading, top load washers are out of favor and mfrs are going back to top load.

redsockmama said...

Does it creep you out when people jump in and say that they have lurking for a long time? Well, I am one of them.. I usually catch up on blogs on my netbook and really can't type on it...

Two things...Josh chose my favorite American cities. I lived in Seattle and adore it, but for a vacation, Washington is so much fun, so much to see, most free, and tons of it is centrally located. Something for everyone!

On the washers: I splurged on Whirlpool Duet front loader and dryer 3 years ago when I had 3 kids and hubby here. Huge load capacity, reduced water consumption...I loved it then and can't believe how great it is for us now that only one kid is here, but it may be overkill if you don't need it.


63mago said...

There's a lot ro see in this large America: San Francisco for example. Chicago and Detroit. And of course: NewYork.
Regarding washing machines I am sorry - as long as it works ...

Annabel said...

Redsockmama - No, it doesn't creep me out - I actually like it when people de-lurk. Thanks for your input on the vacation and washer/dryer.

Mago - of the places you've mentioned, the only places I haven't been are San Francisco and Detroit. Yes, there are tons of choices in this big country. Still not sure where we'll end up going - probably will depend on cost.

Leann said...

San Francisco is fantastic from what I understand. I vote for that. Lots to do and see. My sister swears by that city especially at Christmas time. Beauty to behold.

63mago said...

Detroit can be nice if you like abandoned places and want to photograph them. But I guess spring in SF is ten times better as spring in Michigan.