Monday, March 28, 2011

Better, but not 100%

Last night I thought I could handle soup for dinner.  I was wrong.  It came up around 7:30 last night.  I finally had some sprite, a peanut butter cracker and more tylenol and was out around 8:30.  I slept most of the night.  I was awake around 5:00 and decided I didn’t feel as bad as I had the night before so I might be able to go into work.  I had a slight fever this morning, but no nausea so I decided to go to school.  I felt a little tired and weak, but made it through the day.  I had soup for lunch (and kept it down) and sipped on something to drink all day.  I felt rather famished by the time I left school so I went to Sonic and got a burger and tots.  I didn’t have a problem eating those.  I just got back from band rehearsal and that wore me out.  My abdomen feels sore from playing and probably the stress of vomiting over the weekend.  Now I’m in bed planning to call it a rather early night.  Sure, there’s school stuff I could be doing, but it’s just not going to get done. 

Tomorrow I have training on some new video equipment that the school has.  So I had to get more sub plans ready which is always a pain.  I’m also going to be gone on Wednesday as I’m judging a speech tournament in a small local town that is about an hour and a half away.  But I’ll get paid $35 a round and get paid for my mileage.  I have to get caught up grading at some point since it is the end of the six weeks on Friday.  I need to spend some time this week working my lesson for my interview on Friday.  I also need to figure out what to get Matthew for his birthday which is on Sunday.  Any ideas?  He loves sports – mostly college sports – especially hockey.  He enjoys music and the arts as well.  I’m taking him to the annual showcase of music on Friday and probably dinner, but I want to get him some kind of gift.  I have an idea for something but not sure if I’ll be able to find it. 

Well, this bed is comfortable and I’m ready to turn off the light and call it a night.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are better! How's that presentation going?