Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No date tonight

Matthew is having some medical issues.  It was so bad yesterday that he went to the urgent care center which is saying something for him.  He has had terrible back pain that shifts to other parts like his legs and ankles.  It’s not a muscle thing and the doctor thinks its either kidney stones or severe constipation.  He’s waiting it out until Friday.  If it doesn’t get better he’ll go have tests done on Friday.  I took him dinner tonight and checked his mail for him.  He was pretty miserable and couldn’t get comfortable.  I brought him cranberry juice and milk of magnesia.  He didn’t even want to get up and eat.  I put his food in the microwave and hope he’ll feel up to eating later. 

Today was a frustrating day at school with all the technology issues we are having.  I haven’t been able to print for three days.  Now I can’t login and access a bunch of my files that I’ve needed.  I had to revamp my plans for English class about 5 minutes before class started.  Tomorrow I’ve got to get everything ready for our UIL contest on Friday.  I also have to figure my sub plans for Friday. 

I was planning on painting tonight but I think I’ll do that tomorrow.  I didn’t get back home until 7:00 after going to Matthew’s.  I had my dinner and some wine and now I’m watching idol.  After it is over, I’m going to read and go to bed early.  I slept better last night but I was still tired.  Perhaps I’m still not used to the time change.

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Anonymous said...

Computers brake down and we have a problem ... we should seriously try not to be too dependent on these machines, or better: on the giant data storage we tap with their help. We still need to be our own data storage.
M. is seriously ill, I wish all "gute besserung" (sorry don't know how to translate), hope for a speedy recovery. Get him some worm!