Wednesday, December 22, 2004

And now it's cooling down...

Once again, quite literally. I knew it was too good to be true. I got too hopeful last night. Kind of like Patrick talking about having a girlfriend, I guess. (Sorry Patrick, thought the analogy was funny) I'm sure Patrick's situation has much more potential than my heating issues. Went to bed around 10:30 with it quite comfortable in the house. Woke up at 2:30 hearing Josh laughing in the living room. (It's Christmas break so he doesn't have to be in bed by 11) Heard the heater blower motor try to start many, many times, but it just wouldn't. I couldn't go back to sleep. So around 4 a.m. I got up and started searching furnace heater motor blowers. Did you know that they're hard to come by? And when you find what you think is it, you're not sure because you know absoultely nothing about them. Tim had me write down all sorts of information so I would be sure to know what I was looking for... 1/4 horsepower, 115 volts, 5.3 amps, 1725 RPM, A 48 frame and 1/2 inch motor shaft... what more could you ask for you say??? Well, how about whether it's a split phase start, or a capacitor start, or a three phase...
And then there's the mounting. Could be solid, rigid or footed or maybe it's resiliant or perhaps even a face or flange. And of course you can't forget about it's closure... is it open air over or open air proof? Or it could be one of the Haz-TENV, ODP, TEFC, or TEAO.
Tim mentioned last night that the belt was loose. I'm kind of thinking perhaps I can get by with just buying a new belt. As soon as I think that, I'm certain I will need to go ahead and shell out the bucks for the motor too.
I've called my brother, but he hasn't called me back and probably won't until around 5 p.m. I'm not sure what to do in the meantime. Do I go get the belt and play handywoman? Do I go ahead and try to find a motor locally? If I find one, do I get it? When I got up this morning, the temp in the house was 56. My room was nice and toasty as I left my portable heater going. But honestly, this is getting totally rediculous.
If there happens to be any millionaires or billionaires with a few thousand extra bucks lying around and want to donate to the Heat Annabel's House Cause, drop me a line would ya? Thanks.

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Andrew said...

Hey Annabel,

Random blurb: Did your online nickname come from Edgar Allan Poe’s Poem Annabel Lee by chance? That’s what I think of when I read it.

Thanks for posting on my blog. I just wanted to take a moment and answer your question. That blog post was far down in my journal and I didn’t know if you would stop by to check for a reply. So I wanted to post over here on your blog so you can read it.

It was my first and only marriage. I had been a bachelor for 28 years. I was very selfish in the beginning and was not good at handling the nuances of my new relationship. I had been playing the game a year before me and Rachel even met. Me and my online friends were very, very close and spoke daily on the phone. We were like another family of sorts. Rachel knew my playing habits before marrying me and she knew how often I played. It wasn’t a big deal until after I bought our house and we moved in together.

I eventually did stop playing to please her over cries from my friends. They felt I had abandoned them as I was a founding member of our group and one of our most skilled players. I had to learn how to be a husband and compromise. It was definitely a roller coaster ride in the interim though. I will be much better prepared if or when I ever get married again.