Friday, December 17, 2004

No Work Today!!!

O.k. I do have to do some work today, but I don't have to DRIVE anywhere today. I still have some art to create for a school and pages to convert to pdf files for another and then I have to get those darn covers submitted... but AFTER all that I'm FREEEEEEE... o.k. free until Monday. Thought I would officially have my vacation today, but, alas, I have two more schools to visit on Monday and then I'm done for the year. Well, at least 2004.
Oh!!!! More wonderful news. I may have just gotten another new school. Got a call from a yearbook parent yesterday wanting me to order a kit. I wasn't able to reach her again yesterday to get the information, but will definitely make contact today!! Mmmmm... wondering again why my bonus was less this year. Won (probably) 3 new schools and upgraded 2 others to full color books and all my advisers are really happy with me this year (knock on wood). O.k. lost one elementary because they didn't like our pricing (which is weird because I think our elementary books are cheaper than other companies) and 2 schools that simply chose not to do a book period. Not something I did to lose them. And I'm visiting 2 of my boss' schools this year so he doesn't have to. I guess it's still because of the ring and trip to San Antonio. It's just still dissappointing since I wanted to pay off some extra bills.
Why is it on days that you don't HAVE to get up early, one wakes up at 6 am? Every other day this week that I had to leave by 7:45 or 8 I slept until the last minute and was still tired, but today I'm awake at 6? I didn't get up at six, however. I forced myself to stay in bed and did go back to sleep. That is until Josh woke me up for a ride to school. And then stupid me realizes that I forgot to park the car in the garage last night. My lovely garage that keeps me from having to scrape windows in the morning. Oh well.
Today I have to do some yearbook work, wait for Marty's present(s) to arrive via Fedex, exchange gifts with Patrick, and wrap presents. Sounds like another full day of work, but at least I'm staying home!

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