Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Freezing My A** Off

Sitting here in the house at 58 degrees. Lovely. Heater has been making a squealing kind of noise that gets annoying at times, but at least it means it's trying to work. My brilliant cousin decided last night to turn the heater off. Now it won't come back on. I've got all my electric heaters going and two logs in the fireplace (I'm hoping I don't catch the house on fire).
Told my dad about the squealing this weekend. He was too busy to come check it out. My brother is too busy with work. Since I broke up with all my boyfriends to be with Marty, I don't have any other guys to come help out. Maybe Matt since he wasn't ever a boyfriend, but not sure he would know what to do.
I hate being cold. If I had any money, I'd call a plumber.

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