Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Go Figure...

O.k. I'm still not done bitching about the heater. Have left it off all day as it has indicated it just doesn't want to work. My brother called at 5:40 telling me what to do to try to get it going (and no, a new belt probably isn't the issue) and I've already tried doing that. Then, he tells me to help it along when it starts to spin, but be careful not to get my fingers in the way lest it should tear it off or something. Though I'm not comfortable with that option I figure I'll give it a whirl. What's the loss of an extra finger when it comes to heat? So I turn it on and now it starts to spin faster than before which gives me hope (and too fast for me to help it), but alas it still won't get going. So I call him back and he says, "Yup, it's the motor". This is at a time when everything is closing down and I can't get a new one until the morning. Given that the temperature is going to plummet to about 8 degrees tonight, I'm not happy with that option. But wait! There's hope on the horizon. I call the plumbing supply place and ask them when they're closing today. He said "5:30" and I said o.k. But then he said "what did you need?" and I tell him that I need a blower motor that I had called about earlier. He asked how long it would be and I said my brother was about 15 minutes away. He finally said to go ahead and send him. So I did. And wouldn't you know it? The stupid thing started spinning. (I didn't dare call Tim back lest I jinx things once more)
I guess that's my Christmas present to myself. $87 plus tax. I wanted to have some extra money while Marty was here. Oh well. Guess we'll live as paupers for a few days.
And on top of all that, my bank called to inform me that Richard is again late with his bike payment. Called him and said he sent it yesterday. Whatever. I asked him again about refinancing and he said he's still planning to do that when he can. i.e. Never. I knew that damn bike would be a pain in the ass. It's going to haunt me and screw my credit for the next 3 1/2 years.
O.k. I guess I need to say something positive. I finished my brother and sister's photo albums. Only 4 more to go! My house is still clean. That's it. I'm fresh out of anything else at the moment.

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