Friday, December 17, 2004

Come and play....

I've seen this on a few blogs and decided to borrow it. If you're just visiting, go ahead and play. If you don't want to ask any questions that's o.k. I've seen a bit of traffic to my site, but I really only know about 6 regular readers. If you read my blog at all... just leave me a note that says "hi".
Thanks for playing!!

1) First recommend to me:
A) a movie
B) a book
C) a musical artist/album/song

2) Ask me any three questions you want, anything at all.

3) Go to your blog (if you have one), copy and paste this and allow everyone to ask you anything.


Andrew said...

Just wanted to say, "Hi". I found your blog recently on Prison Pete's blog roll and have enjoyed reading it. You have a good way with words. I will not bore you with any suggestions though as mine would be boring. Take care and enjoy your weekend off from work.


Cary said...

Hey Annabel: Since I've been reading about you for a while on Prison Pete, I thought it was time to say, "Hi". I'm the other half of the new typing crew on Prison Pete.

A) Cidade de Deus, Fernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund, Brazil, (2002)
B) Transformation, by Carol Berg (2000)
C) Annie Lennox, Bare (2003)

2) A) How fast do you type?
B) Will you ever leave Texas?
C) Boxers or Briefs?

Cary said...

Oh... I'm linking to you...

Annabel said...

Answers to Cary's questions:

1. I type about 70 wpm average. Sometimes faster, sometimes not. I went to typing contest in the 12th grade and was alternate (then actually got to go as 3rd place) when I typed about 45 wpm.
2. Depends on what you mean by leaving Texas... to visit other places, definitely. To move permanently, not sure, but not likely. I really like it here and am a bit settled. But I've also learned to never say never.
3. I kind of like the boxer-brief look. Not tighty whitey, but not too loose and hangs a little down on the leg. I think that's quite sexy.

eeni said...
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eeni said...

i'm not a regular reader (yet).

nevertheless i would like to recommend

A) the princess and the warrior
B) 14,000 things to be happy about (b. a. kipfers)
C) gentleman (albums: journey to jah, confidence)

and to ask

1. do you speak any other language besides english?
2. have you ever been to another country than the united states?
3. diurnal or nocturnal?

Annabel said...

To answer eeni's questions:

1. No, I don't speak any other language unless you count pig latin (ig-pay, atin-lay) or the fact that I can count to about 20 in Spanish or say the names of about 6 foods in French.
2. I have been to Mexico and the Island of St.Lucia in the Carribean.
3. Last on is a hard question... I HATE getting up in the mornings, but I'm getting to the age where I can't really stay up late at night either. I'm more of an afternoon-evening kind of person I guess. If I could sleep until about 8:30-9:00 a.m. every day, that would be great.

Summer said...

A) The Bagdad Cafe
B) I Love Everybody (And Other Atrocious Lies)
by Laurie Notaro
C) Red Rubber Ball by Cyrkle (I thought of you the
other day because of the coaster reference)

1. Do you have siblings?
2. What perfume do you like?
3. What's your favorite color to wear?

Annabel said...

To answer Summer's questions:

1. Yes, I have one brother and one sister, both older than me. I'm the baby and was spoiled rotten.
2. My favorite purfume is "Intuition" by Estee Lauder. I also like "Passion" by Victoria Secret.
3. My favorite color to wear... well, in my closet right now I mostly have black and red items. (Simply because they're easy to coordinate. I also have a lot of blues. I'm not sure I could say I have a favorite. I like purple and green just as much as the other colors. I can tell you that my least favorites are yellow and orange.