Sunday, December 05, 2004

On chatting...

I don’t mind chatting from time to time. I enjoy chatting with my friends and once in a while with strangers, but I have a few rules I tend to follow. I even posted them as a link on my profile. But it seems that people only glance at your profile, maybe see your pic and go from there. Here’s the links to my profile and the No Chat site as well.

I thought I would share with you some of the types of conversations I end up with online from time to when I do decide to respond to someone’s hello. Am sure you’ll find it as stimulating as I did… NOT.
My personal comments about the conversation will appear in italics afterwards.

annabel_lee_tx (8:00:58 PM): hi
adilberrare (8:01:22 PM): how are you
annabel_lee_tx (8:01:28 PM): fine
adilberrare (8:01:53 PM): may i see u
adilberrare (8:02:10 PM): wow
adilberrare (8:02:18 PM): you are pretty
annabel_lee_tx (8:02:21 PM): thanks
adilberrare (8:02:28 PM):
adilberrare (8:02:38 PM): happy to meet you
annabel_lee_tx (8:04:01 PM): yes?
adilberrare (8:04:15 PM): you want talk to me ?
annabel_lee_tx (8:04:24 PM): depends on what you want to talk about
adilberrare (8:04:40 PM): we may be freinds
annabel_lee_tx (8:05:01 PM): ok
adilberrare (8:05:28 PM): so you have a subject
annabel_lee_tx (8:05:53 PM): I asked you what you wanted to talk about
adilberrare (8:06:09 PM): all what you want
annabel_lee_tx (8:06:39 PM): so pick a topic then
adilberrare (8:06:51 PM): love
annabel_lee_tx (8:07:01 PM): what about it?
adilberrare (8:07:13 PM): its a greet feeling
adilberrare (8:07:23 PM): are you in love
annabel_lee_tx (8:07:44 PM): yes
adilberrare (8:07:54 PM): what about sexe
annabel_lee_tx (8:08:02 PM): what about it?
adilberrare (8:08:11 PM): do you like it
annabel_lee_tx (8:08:22 PM): none of your business
adilberrare (8:08:33 PM): wemay do it
annabel_lee_tx (8:08:42 PM): not likely
adilberrare (8:08:49 PM): why not
annabel_lee_tx (8:09:18 PM): a. I'm involved b. I don't know you
c. I'm not interested
adilberrare (8:09:30 PM): justtry
adilberrare (8:09:56 PM): let me see you on cam
annabel_lee_tx (8:10:07 PM): I don't have a cam
adilberrare (8:10:15 PM): you have acam
adilberrare (8:10:19 PM): let me see you
annabel_lee_tx (8:11:12 PM): conversation is over... buzzing is rude

The “BUZZ” doesn’t show in the conversation, but that did it for me… that and the obsession with seeing me on cam. If I say I don’t have a cam… I either really don’t, or I don’t want it on. Get the picture? Oh, I guess not.

canyonrock343 (7:54:59 PM): Hello Annabel
coaster_lover_tx (7:55:29 PM): hello
canyonrock343 (7:55:38 PM): How are you this evening?
coaster_lover_tx (7:55:47 PM): fine
canyonrock343 (7:56:09 PM): I have im'd you several time but this is the first time you have replied.
canyonrock343 (7:56:17 PM): Are you single
coaster_lover_tx (7:56:31 PM): no, I'm not
canyonrock343 (7:56:41 PM): or married?
coaster_lover_tx (7:56:56 PM): does it matter?
canyonrock343 (7:57:13 PM): If you are going to be that it does not matter.
canyonrock343 (7:57:19 PM): Take care.

Oh darn. Guess he’s not going to talk to me any more. It turns out that I did talk to this guy once before. If I had remembered, I probably wouldn’t have responded. You’ll see his name again later.

annabel_lee_tx (10:32:34 PM): hi
mikejetskiio69 (10:32:57 PM): i hope you dont mind me saying you are very cute
annabel_lee_tx (10:33:09 PM): you can say... am told that all the time
mikejetskiio69 (10:33:33 PM): i really liked the pink pj pics
annabel_lee_tx (10:34:05 PM): have heard that one too
mikejetskiio69 (10:34:41 PM): wow i am not that originsl
mikejetskiio69 (10:34:50 PM): original
annabel_lee_tx (10:37:06 PM): nope
mikejetskiio69 (10:38:17 PM): you got more pics?
annabel_lee_tx (10:38:31 PM): no

I get comments about my pictures ALL the time. I put them on my profile to be noticed, yes, but it really does get old after a while.

annabel_lee_tx (11:29:12 PM): hello
big_b0ie_04 (11:29:28 PM): hi how ya doing
annabel_lee_tx (11:29:55 PM): fine
big_b0ie_04 (11:30:28 PM): im new to yahoo so id thought i would search for sum new friends to chat with
annabel_lee_tx (11:30:33 PM): ok
big_b0ie_04 (11:31:09 PM): so where ya from?
annabel_lee_tx (11:31:31 PM): tx
big_b0ie_04 (11:31:48 PM): oh cool im in miami fl
annabel_lee_tx (11:33:46 PM): what do you do there?
big_b0ie_04 (11:34:20 PM): im a fittness instructor and i sell and install fittness equipment
annabel_lee_tx (11:34:42 PM): ic
big_b0ie_04 (11:34:54 PM): yep
big_b0ie_04 (11:34:59 PM): what do u do
annabel_lee_tx (11:35:17 PM): sell yearbooks
big_b0ie_04 (11:35:26 PM): ic
big_b0ie_04 (11:36:05 PM): what do u do for fun?
annabel_lee_tx (11:36:23 PM): ride rollercoasters
big_b0ie_04 (11:36:53 PM): that sounds like fun wish there was some around here to go on
big_b0ie_04 (11:39:38 PM): you single?
annabel_lee_tx (11:40:30 PM): no
big_b0ie_04 (11:40:39 PM): o i c

Hmmmm, seems that when they find out I’m not single, that’s the end of the conversation. You know, if they actually READ my profile, they would discover that I’ve listed myself as involved in a long-term relationship.

jonnybuilder2003 (7:46:02 PM): hi
annabel_lee_tx (7:46:21 PM): yes?
jonnybuilder2003 (7:46:35 PM): i have seen ur profile...its nice
annabel_lee_tx (7:46:43 PM): thanks

That was the full conversation. Maybe he went back and actually read it and discovered that I wasn’t what he was looking for.

annabel_lee_tx (7:25:35 PM): yes?
cmwylie2002 (7:25:56 PM): just ran across ur profile and thought id say hi
cmwylie2002 (7:26:01 PM): is that ok
annabel_lee_tx (7:26:04 PM): sure
cmwylie2002 (7:26:11 PM): lol ok
cmwylie2002 (7:26:40 PM): so what u up to tonight
annabel_lee_tx (7:26:54 PM): doing some work and cleaning
cmwylie2002 (7:27:16 PM): ahh sounds fun
annabel_lee_tx (7:28:02 PM): not too much, but must be done
cmwylie2002 (7:28:53 PM): yeah i here u
cmwylie2002 (7:33:05 PM): u there
annabel_lee_tx (7:33:10 PM): yes
cmwylie2002 (7:34:00 PM): so u have a pic
annabel_lee_tx (7:35:35 PM): on my profile

You would think that these guys find me by looking at profiles and then they still ask for a pic.

rare_earth2003 (9:06:15 PM): well sheeeiiiiittttt,,,,youre rain!
rare_earth2003 (9:06:25 PM): why didnt you say something
annabel_lee_tx (9:07:08 PM): because you're not on my list
rare_earth2003 (9:07:40 PM): what does that mean?
annabel_lee_tx (9:07:56 PM): I have not added you as a friend because I don't know you well enough
rare_earth2003 (9:08:25 PM): you are raindrop
rare_earth2003 (9:08:51 PM): where have you been
annabel_lee_tx (9:09:05 PM): working mostly
rare_earth2003 (9:25:05 PM): are you raindrop???
annabel_lee_tx (9:25:11 PM): am I what?
rare_earth2003 (9:25:41 PM): raindrop id
rare_earth2003 (9:25:46 PM): are you
annabel_lee_tx (9:25:56 PM): I don't know what you're talking about?
rare_earth2003 (9:26:13 PM): ok, sorry

I can’t stand it when people I don’t even know try to add me as a friend. I don’t mind it coming from people I know from other places (as long as they put in the friend request who they are) and this guy didn’t make any sense

annabel_lee_tx (8:19:35 PM): I'm not a hoe, but I'm fine
bm7620022002 (8:19:45 PM): ooohhhhhh
bm7620022002 (8:19:50 PM): I am so sorry
annabel_lee_tx (8:19:57 PM): no problem
bm7620022002 (8:19:59 PM): typing mistake
annabel_lee_tx (8:20:04 PM): understand
bm7620022002 (8:20:04 PM): sorry sorry
bm7620022002 (8:20:08 PM): how aree u????
annabel_lee_tx (8:20:16 PM): fine
bm7620022002 (8:20:33 PM): i saw ur profile n liked it
bm7620022002 (8:20:43 PM): is that ur pic????
annabel_lee_tx (8:20:49 PM): yes
bm7620022002 (8:20:53 PM): u look beautiful
annabel_lee_tx (8:20:56 PM): thank you
bm7620022002 (8:21:23 PM): do u have any other pics as well
bm7620022002 (8:21:30 PM): I love [hotographs
bm7620022002 (8:21:36 PM): photographs
bm7620022002 (8:21:45 PM): sorry once again
annabel_lee_tx (8:21:47 PM): whatever is on my profile is all I have that I'm willing to share
bm7620022002 (8:22:12 PM): I can see only one ,,,, u have any more??
annabel_lee_tx (8:22:32 PM): on my profile, under "my photos" on the left
bm7620022002 (8:23:47 PM): they are beautiful
annabel_lee_tx (8:23:56 PM): thanks
bm7620022002 (8:24:08 PM): the one in the bed with the white dress is sexyyyy
bm7620022002 (8:24:22 PM): u are good looking
annabel_lee_tx (8:24:34 PM): appreciate it
bm7620022002 (8:24:55 PM): appreciate u or ur dress??
annabel_lee_tx (8:25:08 PM): I appreciate the compliment
bm7620022002 (8:25:18 PM): ohh ok
bm7620022002 (8:25:38 PM): some more compliments too if u donot mind
bm7620022002 (8:25:48 PM):
bm7620022002 (8:26:42 PM): do I ??
annabel_lee_tx (8:26:55 PM): depends on the compliments I guess
bm7620022002 (8:27:15 PM): ok forget it then
bm7620022002 (8:27:43 PM): u look beautiful ofcourse
annabel_lee_tx (8:27:46 PM): ok
bm7620022002 (8:28:09 PM): what are u doin these days??
annabel_lee_tx (8:28:34 PM): mostly work. going to connecticut to see my bf next week
bm7620022002 (8:28:50 PM): ok
bm7620022002 (8:28:54 PM): he/she??
annabel_lee_tx (8:29:09 PM): he of course "boyfriend"
bm7620022002 (8:29:32 PM): ok
bm7620022002 (8:29:41 PM): say hi to him
annabel_lee_tx (8:29:56 PM): o.k. but I don't even know you
bm7620022002 (8:30:10 PM): I am mark from nz
bm7620022002 (8:30:26 PM): and I am 29
annabel_lee_tx (8:32:27 PM): what do you do there?
bm7620022002 (8:32:57 PM): I am an engineer
bm7620022002 (8:33:43 PM): what about u??
annabel_lee_tx (8:33:50 PM): yearbook associate
bm7620022002 (8:34:52 PM): wow thats nice
bm7620022002 (8:46:18 PM): do u have a cam??
annabel_lee_tx (8:46:24 PM): no
bm7620022002 (8:46:24 PM): may I see u??
annabel_lee_tx (8:46:31 PM): I don't have one
bm7620022002 (8:46:36 PM): ok
bm7620022002 (8:46:50 PM): thats fine
bm7620022002 (8:47:03 PM): I gtg
bm7620022002 (8:47:15 PM): will talk some other time
annabel_lee_tx (8:47:21 PM): k
bm7620022002 (8:47:22 PM): take good caree
bm7620022002 (8:47:32 PM): by

Not the brightest lightbulb in the box I guess and once again obsessed with my pics and wanting to see me on cam.

annabel_lee_tx (8:21:43 PM): profile doesn't have a pic... not sure you're cute
f1_boy (8:21:58 PM): llol...i can send one...
f1_boy (8:22:01 PM): where are you from
annabel_lee_tx (8:22:10 PM): do you not read my profile?
f1_boy (8:22:29 PM): texas
annabel_lee_tx (8:22:41 PM): very good
f1_boy (8:23:01 PM): did my pic make it
annabel_lee_tx (8:23:32 PM): yes
f1_boy (8:23:34 PM): so
f1_boy (8:23:36 PM): am in
f1_boy (8:23:39 PM): am i lol
annabel_lee_tx (8:23:54 PM): cuteness isn't really a factor for chatting
f1_boy (8:24:01 PM): i
annabel_lee_tx (8:26:57 PM): why did you want to chat with me?
f1_boy (9:00:17 PM): still here
annabel_lee_tx (9:00:29 PM): for a little bit
f1_boy (9:00:51 PM): hey there
f1_boy (9:00:57 PM): just looking for someone to chat wiht
annabel_lee_tx (9:01:10 PM): ok
f1_boy (9:01:56 PM): so are you marreid sing
f1_boy (9:01:59 PM): married single
annabel_lee_tx (9:02:05 PM): attached
f1_boy (9:02:17 PM): how long
annabel_lee_tx (9:02:24 PM): several months
f1_boy (9:03:14 PM): chat often
annabel_lee_tx (9:03:26 PM): depends
f1_boy (9:03:32 PM): on waht
annabel_lee_tx (9:03:50 PM): the person I'm chatting with. If they're interesting or not.
f1_boy (9:04:04 PM): what do you find interesting in a person
annabel_lee_tx (9:04:16 PM): a lot of different things
f1_boy (9:04:39 PM): like ...brains.....looks....sense of humor
annabel_lee_tx (9:05:07 PM): brains and sense of humor are good for chatting. looks don't matter so much since I'm not looking for a relationship
f1_boy (9:05:19 PM): i guess so
annabel_lee_tx (9:06:45 PM): do you have brains and a sense of humor?
f1_boy (9:07:07 PM): lol....well i am a network and phone i guess that i have brains annabel_lee_tx (9:07:16 PM): ok
annabel_lee_tx (9:07:20 PM): are you a pervert?
f1_boy (9:07:35 PM): lol.........
f1_boy (9:07:40 PM): why do you say that
annabel_lee_tx (9:07:57 PM): because it seems only perverts want to talk to me
f1_boy (9:08:20 PM): lol....really ....that's i am not a pervert....
f1_boy (9:08:45 PM): not that I dont lile to lool at women
f1_boy (9:08:47 PM): lol
annabel_lee_tx (9:09:35 PM): are you married?
f1_boy (9:09:46 PM): nope ....not married
annabel_lee_tx (9:09:52 PM): involved?
f1_boy (9:10:28 PM): yea
annabel_lee_tx (9:10:34 PM): happily?
f1_boy (9:11:18 PM): hummmmm
f1_boy (9:11:22 PM): so so
annabel_lee_tx (9:11:33 PM): ok
f1_boy (9:14:43 PM): you
annabel_lee_tx (9:14:48 PM): very happy
f1_boy (9:16:12 PM): cool....
f1_boy (9:16:19 PM): so do you live together
annabel_lee_tx (9:16:33 PM): no. he's in the coast guard and lives in another state right now
f1_boy (9:16:52 PM): i see must be hard
annabel_lee_tx (9:17:06 PM): it is, but am dealing with it
f1_boy (9:17:29 PM): i guess.....any speciall tricks
f1_boy (9:17:30 PM): lo
annabel_lee_tx (9:17:53 PM): not really.
f1_boy (9:18:06 PM): can i ask a question
annabel_lee_tx (9:18:22 PM): you can ask. I don't promise to answer
f1_boy (9:18:38 PM): long as he been gone
annabel_lee_tx (9:19:07 PM): I saw him about 3 1/2 weeks ago and I'm going to see him in a week and a half.
annabel_lee_tx (9:19:17 PM): right now we've been seeing each other monthly
f1_boy (9:19:28 PM): that is not yo bad
annabel_lee_tx (9:20:11 PM): not so far
f1_boy (9:20:37 PM): least you get some
f1_boy (9:20:37 PM): lo
f1_boy (9:23:58 PM): still here
annabel_lee_tx (9:24:03 PM): yes
f1_boy (9:24:47 PM): there you are
f1_boy (9:24:53 PM): hey do you have a cam
annabel_lee_tx (9:24:56 PM): no
f1_boy (9:24:59 PM): ok
f1_boy (9:25:00 PM): cool

Not only can he not type, I have the sneaking suspicion that he’s a pervert.

annabel_lee_tx (8:10:26 PM): why do you want to know?
samoledungg (8:10:36 PM): i live in amarillo lol graduated from WT
annabel_lee_tx (8:10:42 PM): ok
samoledungg (8:10:56 PM): i stumbled across your profile and noticed you are from here also
samoledungg (8:11:00 PM): so what do you do for work?
annabel_lee_tx (8:11:13 PM): in the yearbook business
annabel_lee_tx (8:11:16 PM): former teacher
samoledungg (8:11:22 PM): cool
samoledungg (8:11:34 PM): so tell me do you like to play a little naughty on here sometimes?
annabel_lee_tx (8:11:38 PM): nope
samoledungg (8:11:41 PM): k thats cool
samoledungg (8:11:45 PM): i wont bother you anymore then
samoledungg (8:11:46 PM): bye

Geez… at least he didn’t bother me any more… but once again, my profile clearly states I’m not into that kind of stuff.

annabel_lee_tx (8:18:37 PM): fine
warm_n_squishy (8:18:51 PM): great so what is your name
annabel_lee_tx (8:18:57 PM): annabel
warm_n_squishy (8:19:55 PM): ahh that is a sweet name
warm_n_squishy (8:20:01 PM): mine is mike
annabel_lee_tx (8:24:21 PM): how old are you mike?
warm_n_squishy (8:24:45 PM): 27
annabel_lee_tx (8:25:14 PM): your profile says 19
warm_n_squishy (8:25:28 PM): i never give real info on profiles
warm_n_squishy (8:26:41 PM): i take i you are not into web cam picuters
warm_n_squishy (8:26:47 PM): ti is all good
annabel_lee_tx (8:27:01 PM): I guess I don't see the point in it
warm_n_squishy (8:27:23 PM): i just wanted to let you see me better and get an idea of what i look like
annabel_lee_tx (8:28:23 PM): I don't trust web cams generally
warm_n_squishy (8:28:32 PM): that is cool i understand
warm_n_squishy (8:28:39 PM): it is clean i promise
warm_n_squishy (8:28:57 PM): i will send one more time if you dont want it then cool
annabel_lee_tx (8:29:18 PM): what made you want to talk to me?
warm_n_squishy (8:29:39 PM): just love to tlak to new people
annabel_lee_tx (8:29:47 PM): what do you do?
warm_n_squishy (8:29:58 PM): plus you are cute he he
warm_n_squishy (8:30:04 PM): i work at wal-mart
annabel_lee_tx (8:30:11 PM): thought you lied on your profile
warm_n_squishy (8:30:32 PM): i dont care if people know where i work compated to age and all that
warm_n_squishy (8:30:36 PM): its just a job
annabel_lee_tx (8:30:45 PM): I used to work at walmart
warm_n_squishy (8:31:17 PM): sucks huh
annabel_lee_tx (8:31:30 PM): it did while I was pregnant
annabel_lee_tx (8:31:35 PM): working at the snack bar
warm_n_squishy (8:31:42 PM): ahh cool
warm_n_squishy (9:03:35 PM): hey there sorry i had to leave
annabel_lee_tx (9:03:40 PM): ok
warm_n_squishy (9:04:07 PM): so lets try this again you wnat my web cam se we can see eachother ?
warm_n_squishy (9:04:10 PM): yes or no
annabel_lee_tx (9:04:14 PM): I don't have a web cam
warm_n_squishy (9:04:25 PM): that is fine i have your pic
annabel_lee_tx (9:04:30 PM): and I have yours
warm_n_squishy (9:04:32 PM): its on your profile
warm_n_squishy (9:04:47 PM): yeah but i have the convineace of web cam
annabel_lee_tx (9:05:04 PM): it's not that convenient when you try to look at other screens
warm_n_squishy (9:05:28 PM): ohh ok if it is a inconvieniance then never mind that

Can’t spell and obsessed with the webcam thing. I just don’t get it I guess.

coaster_lover_tx (2:54:07 PM): yes?
amarilloman29 (2:54:17 PM): wanan chat
coaster_lover_tx (2:54:31 PM): depends on what you want to chat about
amarilloman29 (2:54:43 PM): u hrny
coaster_lover_tx (2:54:50 PM): no thanks
amarilloman29 (2:55:07 PM): u are hott
coaster_lover_tx (2:55:11 PM): I know
amarilloman29 (2:56:00 PM): wanna meet
coaster_lover_tx (2:56:07 PM): no

This guy hasn’t taken the hint. He’s continued to IM me several times. I know it’s because of my other blog, but just because I post some other stuff on there doesn’t mean I’m a slut and would meet someone out of the blue like that.

coaster_lover_tx (9:20:08 PM): hello
canyonrock343 (9:20:28 PM): how are you?
coaster_lover_tx (9:20:31 PM): fine
canyonrock343 (9:20:56 PM): good....
canyonrock343 (9:21:05 PM): so where are your pictures?
coaster_lover_tx (9:21:21 PM): on my profile
canyonrock343 (9:22:10 PM): might have to help me.
coaster_lover_tx (9:23:10 PM):
canyonrock343 (9:23:42 PM): very nice
canyonrock343 (9:24:03 PM): are you still dating someone?
coaster_lover_tx (9:24:14 PM): yes I am
canyonrock343 (9:24:21 PM): dang it...
canyonrock343 (9:24:28 PM): are you a swinger?
coaster_lover_tx (9:24:51 PM): not at all
canyonrock343 (9:24:59 PM): Ok...that is good.

Here’s the guy from the other conversation and I should have known what kind of guy he was. Like I said once before… I’m a pervert magnet.

annabel_lee_tx (12:28:50 PM): hi
nick_night28 (12:29:25 PM): Hows doing
annabel_lee_tx (12:29:30 PM): fine
nick_night28 (12:29:40 PM): gr8t
nick_night28 (12:29:52 PM): where are you from
annabel_lee_tx (12:29:56 PM): texas
nick_night28 (12:30:12 PM): k
nick_night28 (12:30:30 PM): Ho old you are
annabel_lee_tx (12:30:34 PM): 34
nick_night28 (12:31:40 PM): how do u do there
annabel_lee_tx (12:31:53 PM): how or what?
annabel_lee_tx (12:31:56 PM): how? I'm fine
nick_night28 (12:32:30 PM): i mean are you doing something now
annabel_lee_tx (12:33:00 PM): I'm surfing the web
nick_night28 (12:33:08 PM): oh
nick_night28 (12:33:20 PM): let me see you cam there
annabel_lee_tx (12:33:27 PM): I don't have a cam
nick_night28 (12:33:31 PM): do you have cam there
annabel_lee_tx (12:33:38 PM): no
nick_night28 (12:33:43 PM): oh pic
nick_night28 (12:35:16 PM): are you buzy there now
annabel_lee_tx (12:35:33 PM): I told you I'm just surfing the web... not too busy yet
nick_night28 (12:35:47 PM): oh
nick_night28 (12:36:03 PM): do have funn
annabel_lee_tx (12:36:15 PM): ok
nick_night28 (12:36:41 PM): are you married
annabel_lee_tx (12:36:52 PM): no, but I'm in a relationship
nick_night28 (12:37:17 PM): so hows doing your sex life
annabel_lee_tx (12:37:31 PM): it's none of your business
nick_night28 (12:37:52 PM): oh cant you tell me that
nick_night28 (12:37:59 PM): its ok m sorry

I guess guys think they can just be blunt and ask such questions. And I guess there are girls out there that answer stuff like that. I’m not saying I’m perfect and that I’ve never chatted about such topics, but I at least take the time to get to know someone a little beforehand.

choppercop702 (10:25:26 AM): yahoo is shutting down August 17th because they want to get rid of free messenger. if u delete this and don;t pass it on ur name WILL BE DELETED!!!!! A lot of people have already been deleted so don't be stupid(sorry). If u don't know how to do it: right click on the group name of ur buddy list and click send to all in the group. please do it cuz i would hate for u to be the next to get deleted.

Are people really this naïve????

annabel_lee_tx (8:17:43 PM): hi
brodney53_98_98 (8:18:02 PM): you are in TX?
annabel_lee_tx (8:18:08 PM): yes
brodney53_98_98 (8:18:22 PM): are you from Ohio?
annabel_lee_tx (8:18:28 PM): no
annabel_lee_tx (8:18:35 PM): I've been to Ohio, but I'm not from there
brodney53_98_98 (8:18:35 PM): ok
annabel_lee_tx (8:18:38 PM): native texan
brodney53_98_98 (8:18:39 PM): ahh
brodney53_98_98 (8:18:41 PM): ok
brodney53_98_98 (8:18:57 PM): I saw the 6 flags and Cedar Point
annabel_lee_tx (8:19:35 PM): went there this summer
brodney53_98_98 (8:20:34 PM): you shouls take some bare foot the TX babes that I know
annabel_lee_tx (8:20:55 PM): I don't see the point
brodney53_98_98 (8:21:01 PM): i do
brodney53_98_98 (8:21:03 PM): lol
brodney53_98_98 (8:21:10 PM): I have a female foot fetish
brodney53_98_98 (8:21:21 PM): and I see you do have one
annabel_lee_tx (8:21:22 PM): ic... well I only share my sexy pics with my bf
brodney53_98_98 (8:21:23 PM): kinda
brodney53_98_98 (8:21:29 PM): ahh
annabel_lee_tx (8:21:31 PM): not really
brodney53_98_98 (8:21:43 PM): so barefeet pics are sexy pics to you?
annabel_lee_tx (8:21:59 PM): well, if it turns someone else on, yes
brodney53_98_98 (8:22:08 PM): ok
brodney53_98_98 (8:22:19 PM): you are right on the button
brodney53_98_98 (8:22:29 PM): and I'm sure you have sexy feet
brodney53_98_98 (8:22:33 PM): looks like it
annabel_lee_tx (8:22:41 PM): maybe
brodney53_98_98 (8:22:46 PM): you do
brodney53_98_98 (8:23:03 PM): and polished red toenails
annabel_lee_tx (8:23:27 PM): nope, they're pink
brodney53_98_98 (8:23:44 PM):
brodney53_98_98 (8:25:38 PM): do you have high arches
annabel_lee_tx (8:26:11 PM): why does it matter? I'm not going to describe my feet to you.
brodney53_98_98 (8:26:24 PM): awe
brodney53_98_98 (8:26:29 PM): I'm in Ohio babe
annabel_lee_tx (8:27:02 PM): it doesn't matter to me. I don't do stuff like that because I don't care for it and also out of respect for my boyfriend
brodney53_98_98 (8:27:32 PM): i understand you love him
brodney53_98_98 (8:27:43 PM): but you cant lock yourself up
annabel_lee_tx (8:27:45 PM): very much
brodney53_98_98 (8:27:58 PM): if I seen you on the street I would look at them
annabel_lee_tx (8:28:01 PM): I'm not
annabel_lee_tx (8:28:38 PM): well, since I'm in Texas I guess I don't have to worry about it
brodney53_98_98 (8:28:44 PM): true
brodney53_98_98 (8:28:59 PM): but I do have your picture to look at
brodney53_98_98 (8:29:05 PM): and the one foot
annabel_lee_tx (8:29:11 PM): ok
brodney53_98_98 (8:29:12 PM): you holding the teddy bear
brodney53_98_98 (8:29:41 PM): i have already copied it
annabel_lee_tx (8:29:57 PM): well enjoy
brodney53_98_98 (8:30:04 PM): i intend to
brodney53_98_98 (8:30:08 PM): lol
brodney53_98_98 (8:30:30 PM): me and Johnny
brodney53_98_98 (8:30:33 PM): lol
brodney53_98_98 (8:31:03 PM): besides....youre hot
annabel_lee_tx (8:31:13 PM): ok, thanks
annabel_lee_tx (8:32:31 PM): well, I'm going to get back to my game
brodney53_98_98 (8:32:40 PM): and you do have high to medium arches, not flat
brodney53_98_98 (8:32:42 PM): ok
brodney53_98_98 (8:32:45 PM): enjoy
brodney53_98_98 (8:32:51 PM): as I will
brodney53_98_98 (8:33:39 PM): one last question
brodney53_98_98 (8:33:41 PM): please

My first encounter with a guy with a foot fetish. Can I puke now?

funluvntxguy2003 (6:54:27 PM): hey hun are you there
annabel_lee_tx (6:54:38 PM): yes, but on phone for a sec
funluvntxguy2003 (6:54:49 PM): oh ok
annabel_lee_tx (6:58:53 PM): back
funluvntxguy2003 (6:59:08 PM): cool
funluvntxguy2003 (6:59:48 PM): am I reading correct on your profile that you are in a relationship now
annabel_lee_tx (7:00:29 PM): yes, that is correct
funluvntxguy2003 (7:01:16 PM): ok I was just looking through the profiles of people on my list and saw yours and you were online so I thought I would ask to make sure if was correct
annabel_lee_tx (7:01:23 PM): yes, it is
funluvntxguy2003 (7:01:59 PM): ok thought I would check before flirting to much and asking the wrong question
funluvntxguy2003 (7:02:00 PM): lol
annabel_lee_tx (7:02:03 PM): ok

At least he read the profile. That’s amazing.

annabel_lee_tx (1:56:37 PM): hi
markey4sale (1:56:42 PM): how r u
annabel_lee_tx (1:56:47 PM): fine
markey4sale (1:57:03 PM): nice pic
annabel_lee_tx (1:57:09 PM): thanks
markey4sale (1:57:30 PM): i am student london
annabel_lee_tx (1:57:45 PM): how old?
markey4sale (1:58:15 PM): 16
markey4sale (1:58:18 PM): yr pretty
annabel_lee_tx (1:58:29 PM): you're too young
markey4sale (1:58:37 PM): oh

No need to comment here… nuff said.

annabel_lee_tx (9:13:14 PM): hi
bigmarklew (9:13:24 PM): how are you?
annabel_lee_tx (9:13:28 PM): I'm fine
bigmarklew (9:14:09 PM): so do you ever come to amarillo?
annabel_lee_tx (9:14:15 PM): of course
bigmarklew (9:14:40 PM): you are cute want to get together sometime?
annabel_lee_tx (9:14:55 PM): I appreciate it, but I'm involved with someone
bigmarklew (9:15:02 PM): too bad
annabel_lee_tx (9:15:10 PM): sorry
bigmarklew (9:15:16 PM): no prob

Like I’m going to go out with someone just because they IM me online. Do I really look that stupid?

annabel_lee_tx (5:47:30 PM): thank you
jman11032001 (5:48:02 PM): I should say thank you for posting pictures on-line...
annabel_lee_tx (5:48:42 PM): you're welcome then
jman11032001 (5:48:58 PM): I'm Jason, by the way, it's nice to meet you...
annabel_lee_tx (5:49:04 PM): nice to meet you
jman11032001 (5:49:18 PM): So tell me how it is that someone as gorgeous as yourself is still single?
annabel_lee_tx (5:50:07 PM): I'm not any more... just got involved with someone
jman11032001 (5:50:30 PM): That make a little more sense to me... Tell me this...have you ever done any modeling?
annabel_lee_tx (5:50:38 PM): lol, uh no
jman11032001 (5:50:53 PM): You say that like it's a strange question...
annabel_lee_tx (5:51:47 PM): it is
annabel_lee_tx (5:51:52 PM): at least to me it is
jman11032001 (5:52:17 PM): You shouldn't take it so lightly...I take pictures of lots of women...and you are much prettier...
annabel_lee_tx (5:53:05 PM): well thanks, I appreciate it

Is that the oldest line in the book or what? Perhaps he was sincere, but doubtful.

annabel_lee_tx (10:44:33 AM): thanks
mistery_man_21 (10:44:38 AM): you are welcome
mistery_man_21 (10:44:50 AM): especially love the pic of you laying on the bed in the pink pjs
annabel_lee_tx (10:44:58 AM): I hear that a lot
mistery_man_21 (10:45:09 AM): i bet you do
mistery_man_21 (10:46:30 AM): well id hit on ya but youd probably tell me im too young
annabel_lee_tx (10:47:05 AM): I would probably say that and I'm also involved with someone.
mistery_man_21 (10:47:14 AM): oh

More obsession with the pics. I wonder if I should take the off my profile. I don’t think they’re really that bad, but I guess they get to a lot of guys. In some ways it’s flattering. In others, it’s annoying. I can appreciate someone thinking I’m pretty or sexy etc, but usually that’s just not it.

annabel_lee_tx (10:57:53 PM): I'm working on something at the moment
hany_helmy18 (10:58:12 PM): ok i will wait to talking with u
hany_helmy18 (10:58:52 PM): why u did that?
annabel_lee_tx (10:59:07 PM): I don't add friends until I chat with them and I have yet to chat with you
hany_helmy18 (10:59:37 PM): if u not see me good u can ignore me
hany_helmy18 (10:59:51 PM): i wanna add u to not lost u
annabel_lee_tx (11:00:11 PM): I don't know you.. I don't know if I want you to talk to me
hany_helmy18 (11:00:44 PM): itis ok u will know me when u have time for talking with me
hany_helmy18 (11:00:51 PM): can i add u now?
annabel_lee_tx (11:00:54 PM): no
hany_helmy18 (11:00:58 PM): ok

Once again trying to add me as a friend before having a conversation. Based on our conversation, I doubt I would talk to him anyways. Proper English is something that is somewhat important to me.

annabel_lee_tx (9:53:51 PM): howdy
tonedtiger (9:54:03 PM): good
tonedtiger (9:54:06 PM): u?
annabel_lee_tx (9:54:12 PM): I'm fine
tonedtiger (9:54:24 PM): ty
tonedtiger (9:54:36 PM): nice pic u r too sexy
annabel_lee_tx (9:54:57 PM): thanks
tonedtiger (9:55:08 PM): uw sweety
tonedtiger (9:55:10 PM): do u have cam i wish see u beauty face
tonedtiger (9:56:01 PM):
annabel_lee_tx (9:56:15 PM): nope
tonedtiger (9:56:31 PM): ok
tonedtiger (9:56:42 PM): u r too beauty baby

English anyone?

This is just a sampling of those I’ve actually had some kind of conversation with. I still get a lot of IM’s that I just ignore based on my rules. Most of the time I do chat is when I'm bored, nobody else is on and I have nothing better to do. Sometimes I let it go farther than I should, and sometimes it's just to see how far some of these guys will go. I'm still quite wary about chatting with anyone simply because of these types of conversations. I think it may be too much to ask for geniunely inspiring conversations. I guess it just comes with the internet being what it is. Full of perverts, sickos and the like scattered in amongst a few civilized people.

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The Cheshire Cat said...

I have had some conversations very similar to those you have posted. Requests for me to send panties...if I were to step on a man, what kind of footwear would I prefer?...And dont get me started on the webcam freaks. Sheesh. It looks like you handle all of them pretty well though lol. :)