Monday, December 13, 2004

It's Official

Marty finally got his orders today. He's definitely going to Alaska. Port Clarence. Middle of absolute nowhere. But it's really the best deal he could get at this point and at least it's not the Middle East. It's only for a year. Actually it could only be 11 months since he has to take a month of leave at the end. But even if it is a full year, when he gets out, he'll be a priority one and that means he'll hopefully get his choice of locations that will be available. And he'll have a month off.
Yes, I know this will be tough. But I figure if we can survive it, then we can make it through just about anything. I hate that I won't get to talk to him every day. I hate that he'll be away from his girls. I am absolutely pleased that he'll be away from the ex, however. Don't get me wrong. She was nice to me and all that, but he's still a bit too close for comfort. He knows this, and we do need to talk about the issue, but I can say it will be the biggest relief to have him away from her.
Hopefully this comes a relief to him and some of his stress will be alleviated. Now it's a matter of figuring out when he's going to California for training. Mmmmm, I would hate to have to go out there to visit him. Really, I would.

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