Sunday, December 26, 2004

Survived Christmas

Christmas is finally over. It's a great time of year, but always very tiring it seems. Left on Thursday to drive to Albuquerque. Weather was bad. Had some major ice on the highway off and on until Cline's Corners. There were idiot drivers speeding around me on the ice. Was amazed they didn't spin off the road. Did see a few accidents.
Went to the baptism on Christmas Eve. Josh and I played our duet. Didn't do too bad on it and got several compliments afterwards. Also did part of reading in the baptism. Was very nice.
I decided that since I couldn't bring Josh's keyboard in without him knowing that he got it, I wrapped his adapter to it instead and then left clues for him to find it. I guess I stumped him a little, but he figured it out finally.
Went to my sister's Christmas morning. She made breakfast for everyone. We opened gifts there and then headed back to my aunt's for lunch. Traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Very yummy.
What did I get you ask? I got the motor for my heater from my brother, first season of Monk from Patrick, a laser level from my aunt, flannel pajamas that my sister made, a basket of bath items from my cousin, and a gift certificate to Hastings books from Kirsten. Not a bad haul. Still don't know what Marty got me, but am simply anxious to see him. Another day and a half!!
Made it home today and am relieved to be back. Can't wait to sleep in my own bed. Slept on the couches at my aunt's house since it would have been cold in my dad's RV.
Now I'm sitting here watching Mary Poppins, having a rum and coke. I always enjoy watching Mary Poppins. It always puts a smile on my face.
Tomorrow, I have to get up early and take my cousin to the airport. I'm also supposed to have lunch with my friend Cristal. Then I've got to get some yearbook stuff done. Got to tidy up the house a bit. Will be a long day, but will at least keep me busy so I won't be waiting too impatiently for Marty. O.k. I know I'm obsessing. But it's been two months now. But I'll shut up now.

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