Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In and Under the Weather

We're having a nice spring thunderstorm going on right now. It's nothing major... just quite a bit of rain and little bit of thunder and lightening. It's kind of cool out so I don't think there's any tornado threat. The forcast showed that we were supposed to get isolated storms yesterday and last night, but nothing came through our area. It's one of those days where I'd much rather be curled up under a blanket in bed. I think that one of my students got me sick during the trip. He was coughing and not feeling well most of the time in Austin and I think being stuck in a car with him infected some of us. Another student that was on the trip was sick yesterday. I started feeling it last night around 8:00. I've got that scratchy throat thing going on with a little soreness. I can tell that my sinuses are starting to act up and I'm feeling a little blah. I left during my lunch hour to run to Walmart and get some tylenol. (I only took two, Summer) Hopefully that will get me through the rest of the day. I planned on staying after school to work on my flag routine, but I may have to wait on it. I picked up Subway while out and just finished lunch. Now I'm enjoying a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. I think maybe I should have gotten two cookies. I don't know if I'll post tonight... I really won't have much more to say and I'm probably going to go to bed early.

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Summer said...

I'm an awful nag aren't I? Feel better soon!