Friday, May 11, 2007

Lacking Creativity

Maybe it's just been so long since I've done flag work, but I'm having a hard time finishing my routine for the talent show. I spent my conference period today working on it and I'm just out of ideas it seems. Maybe I'm just old and tired. It is good exercise at least and I do get worn out.

I was cleaning out my car this morning and I hit my shin on the edge of the car and it hurt like heck. It's been sore today and I'm sure a nice big bruise is going to come out of it. Immediately after school I'm leaving for Albuquerque. I went and filled up my car at lunch today and it cost fifty-two freaking dollars. I am flabbergasted! I didn't want to have to carpool next year, but I may have to.

I am getting so very ready for school to be out. I have to survive just two more weeks. The kids are pretty apathetic and I'm being a mean teacher that is making them do work for another week. Well... I gotta go get ready for 5th period. I'll try to blog while I'm in ABQ. Luckily my aunt finally got into the digital age and has a computer with internet at home.

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Andrew said...

Glad you're going to have internet in NM. I couldn't live without my daily dose of Annabel. I read mainly via your RSS feed these days so if you haven't seen me visiting, that is why. I still read every time you update. Take care good friend and I miss ya lots. You are so busy!