Monday, May 14, 2007

Yet another long day

I had to stay after school to go to an insurance meeting. I finished work on one of my semester tests and headed home around 5:00. I called Josh and he told me that his English project was missing four pages. This is after we spent almost 25 minutes yesterday at Kinko's to have it bound. I had the receipt in my car so I rushed home to pick him up and headed back to Amarillo. They guy that did the binding yesterday was there and he knew we'd be back because he discovered the pages after the fact and was very apologetic. They reprinted the entire project on the fancy paper and rebound it for us. They even refunded our money. I thought it was very nice of them especially since it cost me around $5 to make the trip back to Amarillo given the current gas prices. We left Kinko's around 6:15 and picked up a quick bite to eat and then had to get back so that we could go to a special awards ceremony at the school. Josh received a superintendent scholar award. He earned at least a 95 average in all of his core classes. So we did that and then finally got home around 8:00. I needed to go to the store tonight, but it just didn't happen. I had to feed the dogs and then I collapsed in the chair. Now it's almost bed time.

Oh... and after all the effort I made to work on a flag routine and make an outfit, the talent show has been cancelled. When I get a chance I"ll post a picture of the completed outfit even though I won't get the chance to wear it. Geez.

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